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    Thinking back on how I spent hundreds on packs and didn't even pull the card that I wanted... it makes me cringe. These guys are legit and have always come thru for me.

    Even if it's a big order on a very busy day, give them time! They will get you right. Thanks

    May-24-2022, 19:10:16 PST
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    Amazing. Truly. You order it on night, it comes either that night, or in the morning. You would think a scam, but it is not at all on god.

    May-24-2022, 16:24:39 PST
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    That was so quick and good if you know what I mean
    May-24-2022, 08:24:57 PST
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    May-23-2022, 20:14:05 PST
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    fast delivery no bs wit nun deff tappin bac in 
    May-23-2022, 07:17:18 PST
  • Billy Mansfield
    i just started using them bought 4 times already no issues really easy to buy MT on god . they good people fasho :)
    May-22-2022, 10:11:24 PST
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    Always comes thru. Love these guys
    May-21-2022, 17:59:28 PST
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    Actually Surprised, Very fast IF LOOKING FOR VC dont might as well buy mt not bad
    May-21-2022, 14:20:52 PST
  • Darius Schumpert
    Very fast and easy 
    May-21-2022, 11:14:30 PST
  • bil
    This was my first time ordering and it was done pretty fast im deff ordering more when i get paid tthank you guys again one thing i really like you dont gotta give your account information i wish i could put more then 5 stars 
    May-20-2022, 09:52:40 PST