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Really easy communication. Recommend to people who are sceptical about buying MT because this is completely legit. I was sceptical but I bought 400k and there was little to no complications. 5/5
Jan-07-2020, 16:17:11 PST
Colin Owen
took them like 12 hours but I got my 100k mt. I wonder if the vc works tho..
Jan-07-2020, 13:24:36 PST
I thought it wasn’t gonna work frfr but they gave me my 200k
Jan-07-2020, 05:33:37 PST
Fast Service MT Sent Under Under A Hour
Jan-06-2020, 23:27:57 PST
100% legit, bought from this site and they always pull through. Very cheap prices also, pleasure doing business.
Jan-06-2020, 17:52:49 PST
fast and reliable also vey cheap prices
Jan-05-2020, 21:54:41 PST
Nuno Galvao
Jan-05-2020, 15:07:09 PST
Not a scam, accurate prices and fast service.
Jan-03-2020, 00:05:15 PST
Fast response good service 
Dec-30-2019, 18:15:22 PST
After a few miscommunications, the process was fast and smooth. Got all my mt, will be buying again !
Dec-30-2019, 05:18:42 PST

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