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    Second time buying from them, MT hit my account in 15 min after i placed my order. 
    Jan-20-2021, 20:06:26 PST
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    Got my MT no problems 
    Jan-19-2021, 03:50:53 PST
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    The best site no kizzy
    Jan-16-2021, 19:17:47 PST
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    Just purchased 200k a couple hours ago and it was a seamless delivery. I played a game of heat check domination and after the game my posted cards had already been purchased. Playing on the switch btw.
    Jan-14-2021, 02:08:50 PST
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    Ok this is actually legit i had a problem but it was my fault anyway 5 stars and okodre brought me here too.
    Jan-12-2021, 23:52:28 PST
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    I've always been skeptical of MT sites because I know how toxic the community can be. Okodre brought me here and i respect him and he vouched for them. My order came quick and swift within 10 minutes. If your on the fence on buying MT from this site , trust me they are valid. 
    Jan-11-2021, 11:54:16 PST
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    Was a little scared at first because it took about 45 minutes but I received my mt. Very happy will be shopping again shortly!
    Jan-08-2021, 22:16:36 PST
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    100% legit!! These guys answered both my orders within 15 mins. I thought it wasn’t legit, so did a small order and than over $100 and quick, easy and fast!!!!! 
    Jan-02-2021, 21:06:54 PST
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    Great service. Quick and easy. 100% would recommend 
    Jan-02-2021, 08:30:56 PST
  • Emmanuel Santiago
    Nice service and fast,5☆
    Jan-01-2021, 21:54:28 PST