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very fast and safe suggest delivery. Thank you. will purchase again

Mar-21-2019, 06:10:40 PST
At first I thought it gonna be just a scam website especialy when they asking for tour steam account & password, even thought that reviews were fake, but I was wrong. That guy did his job, I've got 400K VC in about 12-14hrs.
Mar-19-2019, 16:13:23 PST
So impressive.. i was afraid and insecure because was my first time but.. its demand about 6 hours.. then i receive the e-mail and really happened. Thank you, nba 2king, you're the best
Mar-15-2019, 05:56:41 PST
Great Site, Fast Delivery!
Mar-11-2019, 12:17:47 PST

It was great

Mar-10-2019, 16:24:16 PST
Great site, sometimes you have to wait, but it will be delivered!
Mar-09-2019, 08:50:25 PST
I was sketchy at first, but to be honest it works 100%. If you're looking for easy fast mt this is the place for you.
Mar-06-2019, 14:54:00 PST
I bought over a million mt and fast delivery every time.
Mar-02-2019, 20:59:32 PST
very good
Feb-25-2019, 08:30:57 PST
Cheap and good but for nba live mobile it takes a long time
Feb-23-2019, 04:30:55 PST

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