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    Outstanding hahaha!!!

    Took less than 3 minutes 

    Dec-07-2020, 19:00:17 PST
  • Jilldo Hessxf
    Just bought mt from them, they are legit, i got 500K on PS for NBA 2K21.
    Dec-06-2020, 17:33:42 PST
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    Dec-04-2020, 08:44:56 PST
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    Love it ! It was very fast and easy to buy
    Nov-25-2020, 15:34:23 PST
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    Im from Arkansas and I work way too much mane. I dont have time to complete challenges but love to play at a high level of competition. I dealt with a few other companies like MTSTACKS.COM and they took my cash on at least 2 occasions out of like 9. NBA2King is legit and quick boys!! load up! 
    Nov-25-2020, 14:55:37 PST
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    Ordered here like 10x already. Guaranteed delivery and quick
    Nov-25-2020, 06:48:27 PST
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    Felt skeptical at first just like everybody just a heads up I am a real person that loves playing 2k and this site works!!! There is a lot of sites out there that will scam you again THIS SITE DOES NOT SCAM IT IS LEGIT!! I’ve spent hundreds of dollars and i always get what I pay for. Mind you it could take a while if it is a big transaction and what time it is but it’s understandable and worth it! I will continue to use this site for as long as I play 2K. 
    Nov-24-2020, 12:05:41 PST
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    Was a little skeptical at first. Very Very happy with this service. Fast easy delivery.I definetly recommend this site.
    Nov-18-2020, 15:16:34 PST
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    First order, for 600,000Mt took less then 10mins, surprised the H3ll out of me
    Nov-15-2020, 17:20:42 PST
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    Unbelievable service.. 100 percent reliable..
    Nov-14-2020, 06:09:12 PST