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    First time buying mt and wasn’t sure if this was true or not. Safe to say, im thrilled. Got my mt in under 10 minutes. 10/10

    Sep-23-2022, 15:19:15 PST
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    I've never had a problem with them. They are super fast and if a mistake has been made, (very rare occurrence), they happily fix it with no argument. I will never go through any other service. Nba2king is the most legitimate place out there.
    Sep-23-2022, 13:08:57 PST
  • Ky .
    Got 300k for a steal of a price while delivering very quickly. This website will forever be my home for MT buying
    Sep-22-2022, 19:21:22 PST
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    legit, thanks a lot


    Sep-21-2022, 09:22:37 PST
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    I bought 500k mt for pc, got all of it in. Very fast, very good. Great service and response time. Perfect.
    Sep-21-2022, 02:58:22 PST
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    I have used them before, first time was quick and got my MT, second time I had to get a refund for some reason. Trying again now that I have 2k23, we will see, just posted the players like 3 min ago
    Sep-20-2022, 15:55:29 PST
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    Took like 3 hours but got the the MT
    Sep-20-2022, 12:20:45 PST
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    bought 300k mt for pc, got all of it in like 10 mins, def buying again, appreciate it.
    Sep-17-2022, 11:42:57 PST
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    Great service and response time!
    Sep-17-2022, 10:25:30 PST
  • Ky .
    Perfect service, took 10 mins and got all of my MT, will be back to buy some more another time
    Sep-17-2022, 09:10:31 PST