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    10/10 for speed and reliability. Will for sure use again for all MT purchases in the future!
    Jun-12-2021, 12:01:53 PST
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    really fast and legit got my order in 10min
    Jun-12-2021, 00:09:36 PST
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    Jun-08-2021, 08:33:03 PST
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    Really fast and legit!
    May-26-2021, 17:31:16 PST
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    Got a small pack of mt then got the bigger one amazing it doesn’t take a long delivery time so very perfect
    May-22-2021, 12:22:53 PST
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    It’s legit 1000 % I just used them for the first time& I can’t be happier thank god for this site!!! Nooo cap
    May-19-2021, 10:18:48 PST
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    great site I use it all the time probably bought over 5 million
    May-17-2021, 22:44:43 PST
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    1000% legit, got all of my mt in under 15 minutes, definetely recommending it
    May-16-2021, 10:09:07 PST
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    Yessir these boys legit man, 30 bucks for 500k 
    May-16-2021, 01:47:14 PST
  • Kayla Reeves
    yoo really didn’t believe it was fr but it’s 100% legit, got my mt in less than 3 mins! 
    May-15-2021, 19:18:44 PST