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100% Legit, didn't think this would work but i was completely wrong, imma keep buying them mt
Mar-10-2021, 14:13:57 PST
It really work be waiting for more customers because me and my homies finna be using this
Mar-06-2021, 13:58:03 PST
First time buyer, I tried it and was scared I would prob be out of my money so I tried 100k first, but to my surprise it actually works and I will continue to get my MT from here .... mainly because I am sick of buying packs on 2k to maybe get something good every now and then!! A
Feb-26-2021, 20:42:17 PST
Dominic Lapasser
Great place to buy mt. They’re also very helpful if you need any help.
Feb-25-2021, 10:09:26 PST
Payment was declined at first but customer service helped me through it. Overall 10/10 site. Fast and reliable
Feb-21-2021, 02:50:46 PST
Although there was a small problem at first, I finally talked to someone in the customer service department, which helped me and got me MT.
Feb-20-2021, 17:51:11 PST
First time buyer and i have to say this was a very easy and fast transaction. delivery time was about 30 min. im a very happy customer and will be returning. fast secure and awesome service. stop being skeptical and buy some MT, read our reviews. this is an awesome service for thr casual gamers that need a little boost.
Feb-17-2021, 02:13:43 PST
Price isn't matching what some of the other sites are right now. Kind of pricey, so I'll wait until they go down. They price competitively so I cant wait to see it go down a little and will buy right away cause they're super reliable otherwise. 
Feb-16-2021, 17:46:22 PST
Anthony Lemus
Hello everyone, I was interested in buying MT but I was a little skeptical. I wanted to test waters with a small order of 100k MT and my transaction was completed in under 30 mins! I am very happy with my transaction, I will definitely be buying more MT soon. 
Feb-15-2021, 23:38:37 PST
If you're having second thoughts on getting MT. Please stop thinking about it and get them. NBA2King keep doing what your doing. I will never buy MT from another company. Yeah other sites are cheaper but you have to wait 3 days to receive anything that's if you wait long enough. 9 times out of 10 you have to request for your money back. NBA2King never gives you any problems. This is a A+ company.
Feb-15-2021, 03:57:13 PST

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