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    Taken 1 hour max. Great shop, 10/10 
    May-06-2021, 17:59:31 PST
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    Absolutely solid and reliable service. Definitely recommend.
    May-06-2021, 11:31:06 PST
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    my fist time buying mt. Got my mt in 5 minutes!!!
    May-04-2021, 13:23:43 PST
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    Best mt store!!!
    May-03-2021, 19:25:10 PST
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    Always on time,good communication and pleasant.
    May-02-2021, 12:05:12 PST
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    It is very legit I got all my mt so thank you
    May-02-2021, 09:06:00 PST
  • Manuel Rosado
    I'm glad this is a secure business, tremendous work they have going on here. Did my 1st transaction last night and it went through within the hour. I'll be back again.
    May-02-2021, 03:39:48 PST
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    They Couldn’t find my card but they emailed me quickly about it & Told me to post a new one. Got my MT within 30minutes. Super reliable with fast responses !!!!!!! 
    Apr-29-2021, 22:00:41 PST
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    Excellent. Works like a charm. My first buy took a little longer. But last time i got my MT within 30 minutes. I will come back again for sure.
    Apr-28-2021, 23:03:52 PST
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    NBA 2king are the best. Im a loyal costumer and they always deliver. the longest i waited was 6 hours to see the bid on my card but usually its 2 hours.
    Apr-28-2021, 12:20:44 PST