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    Excelente servicio, muy confiable.
    Aug-01-2022, 20:30:44 PST
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    Fast delivery and great customer service
    Aug-01-2022, 12:46:18 PST
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    i just bought 200k vc on xbox and it got delivered in less than 30 mins. i wasnt sure if this website was a scam or not so i didnt buy a whole lot but i will definitely be buying more vc in the future
    Aug-01-2022, 11:13:04 PST
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    Bought a million MT and have always been received within an hour. Even had some issues resolved very quickly. Gonna end up buying more
    Jul-31-2022, 15:54:45 PST
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    Fast And not a scam
    Jul-31-2022, 10:18:53 PST
  • zio
    legit i just bought 200k mt i love them i might buy more!
    Jul-30-2022, 21:35:01 PST
  • jul
    One of the best sites to get MT
    Jul-28-2022, 18:06:56 PST
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    amazing, very fast. Will use again!
    Jul-28-2022, 15:11:42 PST
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    Bought twice couldn't be happier 500k came in under 15 mins 1mil came in 20 so couldn't e happier
    Jul-27-2022, 17:43:01 PST
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    I have bought so much mt from here that I thing I have bought close to 5 million mt the best mt website ever 

    Jul-27-2022, 16:44:22 PST