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    Excellent. Works like a charm. My first buy took a little longer. But last time i got my MT within 30 minutes. I will come back again for sure.
    Apr-28-2021, 23:03:52 PST
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    NBA 2king are the best. Im a loyal costumer and they always deliver. the longest i waited was 6 hours to see the bid on my card but usually its 2 hours.
    Apr-28-2021, 12:20:44 PST
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    Have ordered from them many times over the course of 2k20-2k21 on both ps4, ps5, and Pc. They have came through every time with great speed and I was very satisfied. Have only had a problem 1 time and it was instantly fixed. Thank you.
    Apr-24-2021, 10:52:31 PST
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    These guys are totally legit, long time customer, very prompt professional service!
    Apr-19-2021, 06:22:45 PST
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    I was so sad when I got scammed by Ig vault. These guys are legit bruh frl. Just got 100k mt in like two hours. I’m so happy rn. Thank you 2king for making my day!
    Apr-15-2021, 20:00:26 PST
  • DeSean Squeque
    Great support! Trustworthy site.
    Apr-09-2021, 17:54:02 PST
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    Great experience
    Apr-04-2021, 02:06:07 PST
  • Rhys Brown
    Glad I went through you guys, quick as as well 
    Apr-04-2021, 01:59:23 PST
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    Love it! The service was fast :) I’m thinking about buying again 
    Apr-02-2021, 19:29:16 PST
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    Deliver usually only takes 30 minutes, always works and if they have any issues, they email you.
    Apr-02-2021, 19:16:15 PST