Cleveland, Ohio - NBA 2K18 updates the NBA playoffs this year. What happened this season has not changed the thinking of 2K Sports. Lebron James is still the best. The NBA's 2K18 released the update on Friday, giving James 97 point ...

For more than a month, NBA 2K18 players from across France competed in stores and online to reveal the 12 best of them. At the end of the final on April 7, the winner will fly to the United States to attend a game of Playoffs with YouTuber Yann ...

"NBA 2K18" now has a new roster update, and the update features a number of all-star upgrades, some of which have recently been approved by the fire. First, the two stars scored just 90 points in the game. According to recent repor ...

This event will mark the first player talent distribution event in league history. About 72,000 promising players took part in the online match, qualifying for 102, and on April 4, the players will be selected for the league's first season of 17 ...

Players can take a chance at the thousands of cash prizes in the budding sports market when the Horizon League and 313 Lake organize a special NBA 2K18(NBA 2K18 MT Coins) series to crown the Little Cesar Arena next month. The online games ...

2K Games will soon release the new patch for the NBA 2K18 MT Coins. This new patch brings the game version to 1.06 and will make a number of improvements to the different aspects of the game. The exact start date has not yet been given, but it h ...

For all basketball fans, putting together that perfect team can take more time than you might have to spare. Building the perfect combination of attack, control and defence takes a lot of work – but to win the biggest trophies in the game, you ...

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