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EA Sports FC 24 Leads the Charge in Xbox Game Pass Wave 2

Jun-19-2024 PST

Wave 2 of the June Xbox Game Pass is now underway, bringing with it a host of exciting new games for Xbox Series X|S, PC, and cloud users. Leading the charge is EA Sports' FC 24, a football simulation game that promises to deliver an unparalleled experience for fans of the beautiful game. Stacked with the latest EURO 2024 game mode, Make Your Mark promo and much more, FC 24 enables fans to immerse themselves fully in international football.

Xbox Game Pass and the Arrival of FC 24

Xbox console users are well-acquainted with the Game Pass, a subscription service that provides access to a rotating library of games each month. Wave 2 of the June Game Pass includes several new titles, but it’s FC 24 that is generating the most buzz. The game is set to be released on Tuesday, June 25, and will be available to players on Xbox Series X|S, PC, and cloud platforms.

Here’s the full list of titles included in Wave 2 of the June Xbox Game Pass:

    • Still Wakes the Deep - Released June 18 (Xbox Series X|S, PC, cloud)

    • My Time at Sandrock - Released June 19 (console, PC, cloud)

    • Keplerth - Released June 20 (PC)

    • EA Sports FC 24 - Released June 25 (Xbox Series X|S, PC, cloud)

    • SteamWorld Dig - Released June 26 (cloud, console)

    • SteamWorld Dig 2 - Released June 26 (cloud, console)

    • Robin Hood - Sherwood Builders - Released June 27 (Xbox Series X|S, PC, cloud)

EURO 2024 Game Mode

One of the standout features of FC 24 is the inclusion of the EURO 2024 game mode. This mode allows players to experience the excitement and drama of the UEFA European Championship, which is now in full swing. The mode includes several engaging features:

    • The European Journey: This feature takes players through the qualification rounds and the tournament itself, allowing them to guide their favorite national team to glory.

    • UEFA EURO 2024: The official tournament mode, where players can participate in the competition, manage their teams, and strive to lift the prestigious trophy.

    • Lead Your Nation: In this feature, players take on the role of a national team manager, making strategic decisions and guiding their team through the tournament.

    • Kick Off: A quick play mode for those who want to jump straight into the action.

    • Online Friendlies: Compete against friends and other players online, adding a competitive edge to the EURO 2024 experience.

Make Your Mark Promo

The Make Your Mark promo in FC 24 is another exciting addition, designed to keep players engaged and motivated. This promo includes special player cards that are available in packs, as well as Squad Building Challenges (SBCs), Objectives, and Evolutions. With over 30 special players currently in packs, there’s always something new to strive for in Ultimate Team.

Festival of Football Update

In addition to the EURO 2024 mode, FC 24 has also received a Festival of Football update. This update brings several new features and enhancements to the game:

    • Double XP for Clubs Players: Players in Clubs mode can now earn double XP indefinitely, allowing their pro characters to achieve the highest possible Overall Rating (OVR) more quickly.

    • New Face Scans: The game now includes more player face scans than ever before, adding to the realism and immersion of the experience.

The Ultimate Football Experience

FC 24 is more than just a game; it’s a comprehensive football simulation that caters to a wide range of interests and play styles. Whether you’re a fan of international tournaments, love building and managing your Ultimate Team, or enjoy competing in Clubs mode, FC 24 has something for everyone.

Enhanced Realism and Gameplay

EA Sports has always been known for its commitment to realism and FC 24 is no exception. The game features lifelike graphics, realistic player movements, and authentic stadium atmospheres. The inclusion of more face scans ensures that players look more like their real-life counterparts than ever before.

Community and Competitive Play

One of the key aspects of FC 24 is its community and competitive play. The Online Friendlies mode allows players to challenge friends and other gamers from around the world, fostering a sense of community and competition. The game’s various modes and promos, such as Make Your Mark, also provide plenty of opportunities for players to compete and show off their skills.


With the arrival of FC 24 on Xbox Game Pass, football fans have plenty to be excited about this summer. The game’s EURO 2024 mode, Make Your Mark promo, and Festival of Football update provides a wealth of content to explore and enjoy. Whether you’re managing your national team in the European Championship, building your dream squad in Ultimate Team, or competing with friends online, FC 24 offers an immersive and engaging football experience.

The Xbox Game Pass continues to deliver value and variety, and Wave 2 of the June release is a testament to that. From thrilling adventures to strategic simulations, there’s something for everyone. But for football enthusiasts, FC 24 is the crown jewel of this month’s lineup.

Will you be downloading FC 24? Let us know in the comments below and share your thoughts on this exciting new addition to the Xbox Game Pass!

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