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How To Open An NBA 2K22 Auction House

Sep-16-2021 PST

Learn how to open the auction in NBA 2K22, a feature that is locked for the first time when the game launches. Fortunately, opening the auction house is a linear process that shouldn't take much time in the game. Auction House is part of the NBA 2K22 MyTeam mode, where players can build their own team from scratch and create an All-Star squad.

NBA 2K22 Auction House is used to buy cards with NBA 2K22 MT and to sell players to earn a certain amount of MT. Auction house filters allow people to search for specific players to add to their list, but in some cases, they have to bid against others competing for someone for sale. The auction house isn't forcing anyone to set the purchase price now, allowing players to use this to their advantage when selling high cards like Ruby and above. The auction house is also an important part for those looking to complete collections featuring some of the top-rated players in NBA 2k22.

To open the NBA 2K22 Auction House, a total of 30 cards must be collected in the Lifetime Docket. Those with the NBA 2K22 Deluxe Digital Anniversary Edition just need to claim their tickets from the Pack Market. Those with the Standard Edition must earn 30 cards by completing single-player challenges or playing Triple Threat, or they can be obtained by purchasing VC through microtransactions and exchanging in-game currency.

Single-player challenges include a variety of missions to complete, including kill, capture, activity, signature, and milestone challenges. Completing each challenge equals no more than five cards or no less than three cards per challenge. Completing these challenges will quickly unlock the auction in NBA 2K22. Just like trying to collect every ultimate badge, single-player challenges can be completed at any time, but it's best to complete them sooner or later, regardless of which version you bought.

Triple Threat is another quick card earning method, allowing players to earn packs of five or more cards after a few wins. Triple Threat is another part of the MyTeam PvP mode where two teams of three players compete against each other in an elimination-style setting, starting with 100 points. Triple Threat rewards players for winning by giving them higher rewards. If they lose, they will slowly start to make their way to the lower reward level by losing points. Quitting negatively affects NBA 2K22's rewards, resulting in a full twenty-one points as if it were a fully played game.