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NBA 2K21 Park wishlist: Modifications, Features and More

May-30-2020 PST

The NBA 2K park is one of the best-known models in the series. What do we want to see in NBA 2K21? Parking / Neighborhood is one of the most recognizable spaces in the NBA 2K Series. So what can NBA 2K21 do to change things? Let’s see everything we want to see in the NBA 2K21 park.

Fixed errors and disturbances

The NBA 2K Series Garden is famous for its many different bugs and exploitable distractions. You know them right away because many of them involve changing the dimensions of agreed players beyond reasonable limits. This involves getting players so long that they don’t fit the screen and can’t be won quickly. While these mistakes make funny characters and funny clips, they can ruin your gardening experience before they begin.

Build more viable

If you’ve ever seen two-way skew protection, you’ve all seen them, it’s because it’s still one of the most powerful buildings in the NBA 2K20. Despite the park’s competitive atmosphere and hundreds of potential characters in the NBA 2K20, you rarely see installations outside of ten or twenty sets due to how powerful this funnel is. If the NBA 2K21 wants the park to feel exciting and dynamic, they must first address the dominant feature and feature combinations.

Better matchmaking

Regardless of your skill level, a match will make you play a much better or worse competition in almost every match. This is because the park match failed to balance the teams in terms of character and player combination skills. When the best stats can be ground from a single player or bought directly from a store, it’s hard to balance teams properly. But in order to improve the Park experience for all participating players, 2K needs to better figure out this compatibility balance. But also need NBA 2K21 MT!