NBA 2K23 Tips Best Point Guard Build (PS5)

Jan-26-2023 PST

In this guide for NBA 2K23 on the PS5, we cover the 19 greatest strategies for Point Guard. By following, hone your gaming prowess and take the lead.

For each play setting (City, Pro-Am, and Rec Centre), participants must decide on a certain build. The first build of the year is usually the hardest, because you want everything to be perfect before spending your hard-earned cash on NBA 2K23 MT and putting it to work. We've got you covered their thoughts on SF build, as we'll be describing some of the greatest builds, we've made in the newly revised build system. In addition, we'll be demonstrating how to effectively allocate your badge points in the revised badge tier system and thoughts on SF builds.

NBA 2K23: Defensive Anchor

For this tutorial, we'll be focusing on a much more conventional large body Center build that's suitable for both Pro-Am and Recreational play. Your team will have the same advantage as the Utah Jazz's Rudy Gobert, who has been able to shut down opponents by directing all drives into the paint, whenever this defensive anchor is on the court. The physique also allows for effortless dunks from dunking big men after receiving dump-off passes. The structure is useless as either a shooter or a perimeter defender.

Main Characteristics:

    • Offensive and Defensive Rebound - 99

    • Dunk Standing - 90

    • Strength - 96

    • Defense Interior -95  

    • Block - 94

NBA 2K23: 3PT Playmaker

If you're looking for a point guard with Steph Curry-level shooting ability, the 3pt Playmaker is as close as you're going to get. Those who want a smaller, quicker point guard who can generate their own shot and slice you up in the pick-and-roll might consider this setup. With a ball handling of 94 and a speed with ball of 92, this build should have no trouble gaining access to the greatest dribbling animations.

It has a 3-point rating of 92, so it shouldn't have any trouble making 3-point shots. You can get by as an off-ball defender despite your defence problems because to your 6-foot 7-inch wingspan.

Main Characteristics:

    • 3pt Rating - 92

    • Ball Handle - 94  

    • Speed with Ball - 92

    • Pass Accuracy - 86

    • Driving Dunk – 80

NBA 2K23: Way Interior Finisher

This 6'10, 81 ball handling, 97 driving slam Power Forward Build in NBA 2K23 is inspired by Giannis Antetokounmpo. With this formation, your attack will get a unique twist since the center may now take the ball and start the play. The build, like Giannis himself, is weak in shooting but strong in finishing, defense, and playmaking.

Main Characteristics:

    • Driving Dunk - 97

    • Standing Dunk - 90

    • Ball Handle - 81

    • Block - 92

    • Interior Defense – 90

NBA 2K23: Outside Scorer - Diming Inside

The Diming Inside-Outside Scorer is our second and last point guard construct, and he's practically a point forward at 6'8". With its unrestricted gold posterizer and infinite range, not to mention its 93-driving-dunk and 92-3-point ratings, this construct has all the makings of a fan favorite. The most versatile build possible, however it lacks defense in exchange for a 6'11" wingspan.

Main Characteristics:

    • Driving Dunk - 93

    • 3pt Shot - 92

    • Ball Handle - 85

    • Vertical - 82

    • Pass Accuracy – 86

NBA 2K23: Way Stretch Glass Cleaner

This Power Forward composition expands on the 3&D wing setup by being better able to defend larger opponents in the paint and gobble up offensive boards. This build is suitable for all three divisions in the city, and also for the 4&5 divisions in the Rec and Pro-Am. As all builds should be able to shoot to some degree to optimize space for the offence, this one has a three-point shot at an 82-foot range. You should not be working at the bottom of the build, since that is not where it is intended to end up.

Main Characteristics:

    • Defensive and Offensive Rebound - 99

    • Steal - 90

    • Defense Perimeter - 86  

    • Vertical - 92

    • 3pt Shot – 82

NBA 2K23: Best Small Forward/Wing Build

This is the best wing/three-and-dozen in NBA 2K23, as suggested by the build's name. It's able to provide protection both at the perimeter and in the inside. This build can accommodate whatever kind of defense you choose to try. As a functional piece of the floor, it aids the offensive flow. It has an 86 percent chance of going to the basket and scoring if the defense doesn't help out enough.

Main Characteristics:

    • Defensive Rebound - 99

    • Perimeter Defense - 91

    • Steal - 90

    • Block - 93

    • 3pt Shot - 84  

As someone who plays the 2K series often and who creates between five and seven builds every 2K, I can confidently state that this is the most challenging builder we've seen. A build with maximum characteristics may make us invincible in the city, but many animations, badges, and badge levels are dependent on those qualities. Hall of Fame Limitless Range requires a three of 97 or higher, which detracts heavily from your overall point total, necessitating the reduction of points in other categories.

Instead, we need to choose two or three skills that we want to excel in and use them to carve out a niche in our 3v3 or 5v5 teams. Here we'll go over some position-specific builds that will help you conquer the city no matter what your role or preferred playstyle is.

Final Thoughts

As for the finest NBA 2K23 builds we've seen thus far, you can find them all right here. We've got you covered whether you want to be the team's quarterback, a key offensive cog, or a defensive stalwart. For both success and fun in NBA 2K23, remember how important it is to settle into a certain position and playstyle for your team.