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Took an hour or more but they are legit!!!!!
Apr-06-2020, 15:18:54 PST
Its very fast, trusted and the respond is very excellent. Ill buy from this site again
Apr-05-2020, 05:41:34 PST
Live the service bought 100k MT this morning got it in about 30 minutes to an hour. The bought 50k and took a lil longer but great service. Only thing that’s bad is you pay for 100k or however much and they don’t cover the 2k 10% fee so you don’t get the full amount you paid for. 
Apr-04-2020, 18:14:15 PST
Works well surprisingly. Seemed sketchy but I've gotten my orders on time all 3 times.
Apr-04-2020, 04:56:06 PST
Mason Primm
Got my MT in a matter of about 1 hour. Great service. Will be using it again! 
Apr-03-2020, 21:29:12 PST

lower pc mt price!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and I'll buy tons of mt

Apr-02-2020, 14:34:00 PST

Thought it was fake until i got my 500k!! Be safe!! 

Instagram: iamYungClint

Apr-01-2020, 17:08:06 PST
Great page! I have received my mts, it´s perfect.
Apr-01-2020, 03:19:05 PST
Totally got my my thanx guys would always recommend you and it only took 5 minutes
Apr-01-2020, 00:20:58 PST
Have placed 2 orders within the last 24 hours for basically 300k and I can honestly say got my MT both times in around 30 mins so dope ! They are legit !
Mar-31-2020, 14:40:03 PST

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