How to unlock each badge in NBA 2k17?

  The NBA 2k17 has a total 55 badges and each badge impact either MyPlayer or MyCareer mode in distinct ways. It is thus recommended to grab these badges ASAP. Here, we provide the list on How to unlock each badge in NBA 2k17?

  Although this list will not feature all the 55 badges yet the major ones which will help you to gain more in the game.

  How to unlock each badge in NBA 2k17?

  Personality Badges

  Spark Plug

  TO unlock Spark plug, come off the bench with 7 points or more in x number of games.

  Championship DNA

  Win an NBA Championship to unlock this badge.

  Playmaking Badges

  Loc City Passer

  You need to earn 50 allies oops assists in a season to get Loc City Passer badge


  Make 300 assists in 20 games to unlock Dimer

  Defensive Badges

  Pick Pocket

  To unlock pickpocket get 50 poke ball loose animation

  Hustle Rebounder

  You need to have around 400 rebounds to unlock this badge

  Inside scoring badges


  Get 15 Reverse Layups and 4 Charge Shot Layups in a single season and get Acrobat unlocked

  Post-Spin Technician

  Need total 100 Post Spings or Drive Moves out of post in a single season

  Outside Scoring Badges

  Difficult Shots

  To unlock it, you need to make 200 hop shots, dribble pull ups, step backs etc.

  Well, these mentioned are the answers to how to unlock each badge in NBA 2k17. Hopefully, this list will help you well.


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