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Alex Tessor
Thank you realy amazing at the beginning i was worried the this would't work becaus i had to wait quit long but after i logtin i was so happy gonna buy here again 
May-28-2020, 09:17:21 PST
If you're tired of getting screwed over by the 2K pack odds, this is the place to go. You could spend 20 bucks on packs and only get back cards that are worth 20-25k mt when you could spend the same amount and get over a million or you could come here and get over 150k and it's legit.
May-27-2020, 22:16:24 PST
Great Customer Service, and even when there was a problem it was quickly solved, they delivered my 1 million VC.
May-27-2020, 13:32:43 PST
These people are legit!!!! Bought 400k from them and got it in less than thirty minutes!!! I’m not a bot! Shout out to NBA2KING!!!
May-27-2020, 07:18:25 PST
quite amazingggg
May-26-2020, 00:58:21 PST
Very prompt and responsive sometimes it takes them a couple hours sometimes its immediate either way its a fantastic service and even if it does take 24 hours i mean its still an amazing service so no complaints whatsoever i spend a lot of cyrptocurrency here yall rock
May-25-2020, 18:01:30 PST
Fast Service and not a scam I see everybody not putting I'm not a robot so I'm not a robot 
May-25-2020, 14:41:25 PST
I ordered 500k VC, it took them a while which I understand but I got them in the end. Good price as well (PC)
May-25-2020, 10:15:07 PST
cheapest MT I have found. great service! Thanks!
May-25-2020, 05:55:10 PST
By far the best website for this 100%. I’m normally hella sketched about these types of things and websites but this is the most legit site I’ve ever seen when it comes to this!
May-25-2020, 05:08:59 PST

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