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    chat was trash but delivered in timely fashion
    Jan-14-2022, 05:57:35 PST
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    Just ordered some and came through in like 2 mins super fast 
    Jan-13-2022, 19:03:11 PST
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    Been a customer since nba2k20 their service was a little slower then but they still delivered.Now their super quick best MT site thank you nba2king!
    Jan-07-2022, 19:47:17 PST
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    a legit place to buy mt, lol
    Jan-04-2022, 17:26:29 PST
  • bub
    100% Legit!! 2nd purchase with many more to come!
    Dec-30-2021, 13:19:03 PST
  • Trinidad Jr Leyva
    I’m not gonna lie i was very scared to purchase cause i thought it was another scam site but these guys are 100% legit and very fast with the mt delivery will definitely purchase more and definitely recommend u guys to check the site out if you’re looking for the cheapest mt shoutout okodre
    Dec-28-2021, 19:16:34 PST
  • tho
    Absolutely awesome, makes it so much easier to get what I want. You guys rock.
    Dec-21-2021, 17:04:14 PST
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    Fourth time purchasing from them. They’re fast, legit, and fairly priced. recommend them. —T
    Dec-17-2021, 16:20:52 PST
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    Was scared at first but these guys are 100% legit!! 

    Thanks so much would completely recommend 

    Dec-13-2021, 16:11:24 PST
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    Dec-12-2021, 00:44:32 PST