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2022 NBA 2K22 First Patch Notes Removes Level 40+ Stars From Players

Jan-12-2022 PST

The first NBA 2K22 2022 update was released on January 10th. However, Take-Two has not yet released official patch updates. However, it has been reported on Twitter that a new patch has accidentally removed player stars, so hopefully, we will hear about this fix in the next few hours as well.

NBA 2K22 Star Removal Patch

Stars will be awarded to players during NBA 2K22 seasons when they reach level 40, and up to four stars will be awarded as players continue to advance over the level ceiling. However, some players on Twitter have reported that their star has been removed with the latest NBA 2K22 fix. Since this seems to be a bug, we'll probably see a patch for this before the start of season 4.

As mentioned, there are no official patches for this latest update yet, and so far it has only been reported that it will be released for the current generation of consoles. There has been speculation that the fourth season of the NBA 2K22 will be released on the 14th. January 2022, so this website update may implement some changes that are ready for release in the new season.

As this may be a hint of the upcoming release of NBA 2K22 season 4, you may want to set aside time to make sure you have done everything you want to achieve and make sure you get to level 40 in season 3. Just be careful with these stars, we are not yet unsure if earning stars will still work properly after the patch.

Comprehensive NBA 2K22 patch information is usually released on the official NBA 2K website a few hours after the update begins, and the Xbox One update is said to be 38.57GB, while the update for PlayStation users is slightly smaller at 23.152GB. Both are still fairly large download sizes by mid-season, so it wouldn’t be surprising to find a few changes when the patch releases are released, as well as preparations for the upcoming fourth season.

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