A major update is now available for NBA 2K18 on the Nintendo switch

Nov-08-2017 PST

The 2K18 has received another important update - also called the five patch number - now available on all major platforms, including the Nintendo switch. Comments The full number of people in the 2K Sport is as follows:


- The original 4K resolution to support 60fps was added to launch the new Xbox One X console.

- Updated work photos player to record players in their new costume.

- Customized shoes are now much more accurate when viewed on players in the game.

- Original improvements to the Clippers, Spears and Magic 2017-18 uniforms.

- Improvements were made to '07 -'08 New Orleans Hornets.

- A problem solved on XB1 where GamDefer does not work for some users.

- Improvements in "popping" sound reported by switch users.

- Problem solved with the switch where the armpit showed white / gray on the players who had it.

- Now take the issue of online play where the trophy is not right and is open when advancing levels.


Fixed a problem with the clipboard trainer showing an incorrect match for the opponent.

- Fixed a problem that allowed players to leave Donk and jump to another dunk after performing step by step.

- Adjustable error rate recordings, especially for its well-positioned and high rating buffers.

- Fixed several patches that would come to the bottom of the back panel if played by big players

- There was a problem with a fireclock on the broadcast panel, where there will still be a very small amount of time after reaching 0.

- All player codes must now be visible when viewing the Defense Zone 3-2 during a timeout.


- The suggested user group will not be reordered after reaching 90 in general and assigned to the Minots list.

- Fixed issue showing balance decoding at the end of NBA games is not displayed correctly (although you have credited the correct amount to your account).

- Repair the suspension that will occur when you try to leave the Micort wardrobe with a custom-made shirt.

- Address the problem that the user could not equip the skateboard on his Myplayer.

- A problem addressed that the user could not equip shoes specially made on their Myplayer.

- The Myplayer headband will now be properly colored together with teammates.

- Fixed a situation where the user was unable to enter the training team when they had previously decided to switch to another shoe company after shooting the shoe.

- Fixed hanging rarely, with the game going beyond the end of the 3PT match during the weekend of all stars.

- The Myplayer Headset should no longer be unexpectedly unexpected when performing various nearby actions.

- The Myplayer accessories are no longer considered to be poorly equipped during interviews after playing NBA games.

- Fixed a problem showing an incorrect VG% defensively during the second half of 0.0%, which caused the boss to misrepresent your boss.

- Find a case where the match can be stopped after the rival team has won the conference tournament in MyCAREER.

- Fixed some issues around the beginning and end of the Mikort games involving other users.

The Neighborhood

- Fixed a problem in which Bryan stopped texting messages for the user to capture the acquired approval checks.

- Users of the game transition can now connect with other friends around with the friends app on the phone in your game.

- Improvements to the T-shirt rating interface and the T-shirts interface.

- Fixed a bug where some users could not complete Gatorade approval after winning 5 games in the stadium.

- Fixed a problem with thumbnails not appearing when the user moves quickly between the T-shirt store and the T-shirt classification.

- Fixed a problem in which the 2K camera can not run into playgrounds when playing the former king of the track.

- Stability and performance improvements at the 3x Nba dew event.

- Treat a problem that does not always count the timer as expected during the 3x Nba dew event.

- line-up improvements during the 4-Pounder rammels challenge games to ensure that similar positions monitor each other wherever possible.

- Fixed a problem with some users unable to join the Friends Stadium because they found them inappropriate.

Professional and amateur

- Number of improvements on Pro-Am walk-on / team experience.

- Decoding and decompression profits are displayed at the end of the Pro-Am Games.

- Teams can now wear alternative jerseys in Pro-Am when they reach the elite status.

- Users who are incorrect in Pro-Am games can view the rest of the game now.

- Fixed a problem in which users with their own commentary in Spanish had problems playing in Pro Games AM.

- Statistics statistics overlay now appear with the correct statistics for users who have exceeded the Pro-Am game team.

- The 2K card now shows the right pro-am walking statistics.

My team

- Solved problems eliminating players from the online MyTEAM games to make many mistakes if they had only a handful of them.

- Users can now apply any type of shoes to historical players.

- Setting your setup is now easier because the show player's positions are now in the edit interface lineup.

- The total points of his balance at the end of the game are always displayed the right amount.

- Enhanced shoes and added badges are no longer used incorrectly in the package and qualifying matches.


- Solved problem causing players to premiere until the end of a free desk before signing a contract at minimum level.

- Adjust the quality of class concepts to the default level to expel some of the higher expectations that are generated. Work is being done to improve this and to improve the balance between classes as a whole.

- A number of improvements to contract processing, including those users who are able to correctly customize the contracts of players who signed the contract extension while still working on their previous contract.

- Fix a problem where the failed rotation error is valid for loading within the schedule of the rotation scheme.

- The system efficiency and list of player trainings will now state the players in the correct order.

- Fixed problem where the image of the currently selected employee will not draw after the days of progress during the signature period of the outside staff.