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Best Controller Settings for NBA 2K24 on PS5 Experience

May-30-2024 PST
Tag: NBA 2K , NBA 2K24
NBA 2K24 is no different, and if you want to up your game, adjusting your controller settings is a great place to start. In this guide, we’ll take a look at the best controller settings for NBA 2K24 on the current-gen PS5. These tweaks can significantly enhance your shooting, defense, passing, and overall gameplay, providing you with a smoother and more efficient experience on the court.


Best Shooting Settings in NBA 2K24


1. Shot Timing Visual Cue: Set Point


The Shot Timing Visual Cue is a crucial setting that directly impacts the timing of your shots. For NBA 2K24, setting it to "Set Point" is highly recommended. This setting strikes a good balance and provides a consistent visual indicator for timing your shots. During a jump shot, you should release the shot when the ball is near the player’s forehead, approximately halfway through the jump shot animation. This timing can help you achieve a higher shooting percentage by syncing your release with the optimal point of the shooting motion.


2. Jump Shot and Free Throw Meters: Off


Turning off the jump shot and free throw meters might seem counterintuitive, especially for newer players, but it offers a significant advantage. Disabling these meters gives you a 20% bonus to your shots. It also encourages you to develop a natural feel for shooting, which is invaluable in the long run. While it might be challenging at first, mastering this skill without relying on the meters will greatly enhance your overall gameplay.


3. Layup Meter: On


Unlike the jump shot meter, turning off the layup meter does not provide a noticeable performance boost. Therefore, it’s beneficial to keep the layup meter on. This setting aids in achieving greater accuracy with layups, ensuring that you can make the most of these close-range opportunities.


4. Shot Meter Location: By The Head


Setting the shot meter location to "By The Head" can make it easier to track the meter when performing layups. This placement allows for better visibility and can be customized in terms of size and color to suit your preferences. Personalizing this aspect can help you maintain focus and improve your shot accuracy.


Best Defensive and Passing Settings in NBA 2K24


1. Defensive Assist Strength: 10


Defensive Assist Strength determines how much the game assists you in controlling your player on defense. Setting this to a low value, such as 10, gives you more control over your character. This allows for more precise movements and a better overall defensive performance, enabling you to react more effectively to your opponent’s actions.


2. Boxout Assist Strength: 50


Balancing control and effectiveness during boxouts is essential. Setting Boxout Assist Strength to 50 strikes a good balance, giving you enough assistance to maintain positioning without sacrificing control. This setting helps you secure rebounds more effectively, an important aspect of maintaining possession and controlling the game pace.


3. Pass Target Direction: 1


Accurate passing is vital in NBA 2K24, and the Pass Target Direction setting plays a key role. Setting this to a low value, such as 1, allows for more precise directional passing. This minimizes the risk of errant passes and ensures your teammates receive the ball where you intend.


4. Pass Target Distance: 1


Similarly, a Pass Target Distance set to 1 ensures your passes are accurately targeted over short distances. This setting helps in making quick, accurate passes in crowded areas, reducing turnovers and maintaining the flow of your offense.


5. Pass Target Openness: 98


To make the best possible passes to the most open player, set Pass Target Openness to 98. This high setting allows the game to assist in identifying the open player quickly, enabling you to make faster and more effective decisions without overthinking. This can significantly improve your team’s ball movement and scoring opportunities.


Additional Settings to Improve Gameplay


Motion Blur: Off


Motion blur can be distracting and may cause the game to feel laggy, affecting your reaction times and overall gameplay experience. Turning off motion blur eliminates these distractions, providing a clearer and smoother visual experience. This setting is particularly beneficial during fast-paced action, ensuring you can maintain focus on the game.


Best NBA 2K24 Camera Angle


Camera Angle: 2K or Broadcast


Choosing the right camera angle can greatly enhance your view of the court and overall gameplay experience. The 2K and Broadcast camera angles are highly recommended for NBA 2K24. These angles offer the best view of your players and opponents, helping you make better strategic decisions. Additionally, you can adjust the zoom and height settings within these angles to further tailor your viewing experience to your preferences.




Optimizing your controller settings in NBA 2K24 is a crucial step towards improving your gameplay experience. By adjusting the shooting, defensive, and passing settings as outlined above, you can achieve greater control and accuracy on the court. Remember, these settings are tailored for the current-gen version of the game on PS5, providing you with the best possible performance and responsiveness.


Utilizing these setting tweaks will not only enhance your individual performance but also contribute to your overall enjoyment of the game. With practice and these optimized settings, you should start to see significant improvements in your gameplay. For more tips and advanced strategies, be sure to check out our guide to Timing Stability in NBA 2K24. Happy gaming!

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