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Best Finishing Badges for Every Position in NBA 2K23

Mar-08-2023 PST

You should be able to score easier around the rim if you have earned these badges. In order to evaluate which of the finishing badges is superior, we list them.

In NBA 2K23, a player's potential on the court is heavily influenced by the badges they earn. badges have varied effects on the game, and players may acquire many of them. Multiple badges including Finishing Badges improve the player's shooting accuracy, defense, or both. In addition, there are specialized badges that may improve your game in areas like rebounding and ball handling. It might be difficult to priorities which badges to work on. That's why we gathered together a list of the best badges you can get in NBA 2K23 for each position.

Giant Slayer

A point guard's primary objective while moving the ball up the court is to take advantage of any available mismatches. In general, the offensive team will have an advantage if there is a mismatch in terms of size, whether shorter players are protecting taller ones or vice versa. Most of the time, while defending a pick-and-roll, the taller defenders will be assigned to the smaller guards, and the shorter defenders will be assigned to the larger forwards and centers. Attacking guards with a height disadvantage who take on taller defenders might benefit from the Giant Slayer badge, which increases the likelihood of making a layup while under pressure. Backcourt players that like to go down to the floor should get this badge.

Backdown Punisher

When used in the post and painted area, Backdown Punisher will boost your chances of effectively backing down your opponent. If you're attempting to back away from superior defenders and they manage to stop you in your tracks, you may be in breach of the three-second rule if you're within the painted area. In theory, donning this badge will lessen the inner ball's resistance, allowing you to pound the ball in more easily.

Pro Touch

Not even the best badges will let you make a flawless layup, but Pro Touch will bring you pretty darn close. Earning this badge will give you an advantage in games were making or missing a layup depends on your reaction time. You'll be putting yourself in a position to go to the free throw line if the defender fouls you, giving you yet another shot at scoring, even if you miss the layup, thanks to this badge.

Dream Shake

The Dream Shake badge improves a player's shooting skill while also raising the likelihood that a defender will fall for a fake-out move done in the post. Dream Shake is one of the finest badges for a post-dominant offensive player since it benefits both the defense and the initiator.


While driving towards the basket, maintaining body control is very necessary for scoring, particularly when trying more difficult layups. Having the Acrobat piece of equipment equipped will offer you an advantage while converting really tough layups. It's possible that they are teardrops, reverse layups, or up-and-under scoops.


Putting on the Bully badge will increase your climbing abilities, giving you a better chance of reaching the top of the level. Imagine Giannis Antetokounmpo barreling his way down the court towards the hoop in the manner of a typical basketball play. You, with the assistance of the Bully badge, will be the one doing it, knocking defenders out of your way like bowling pins.

Fearless Finisher

The greatest thing you can do to optimise your character for Finishing is to equip the Brave Finisher badge. By increasing your success rate on contact layups, this badge will force the opposition to make a lot of adjustments. Layups that result in free throws are a three-point chance, and Fearless Finisher can help you convert them. It doesn't matter how you cut it, Fearless Finisher is the most significant Finishing skill in NBA 2K23 and a must-have for any serious player's arsenal.


It is essential to be an active participant in the pick-and-roll game while you are employing a larger player like as a forward or center. It is probable that a smaller defender will be assigned to guard you if you set a screen for a teammate and then roll to the hoop. It will be easier for you to score near the rim if you equip the Masher, particularly if the opponents who are guarding you are on the shorter side.

Final Thoughts

This article discusses the finest finishing badges available to players in NBA 2K23 for each position. It describes the most beneficial badges for each position, as well as how those badges might assist your player while they are playing the game. This is an excellent text to read if you want to become unstoppable in the paint or advance to the next level in your game.

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