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Best Game Breaking Guard Build In NBA 2K24

Jun-14-2024 PST
Tag: NBA 2K , NBA 2K24

How to create the best build that fits everyone's play style in NBA 2K24. This build turned me into a 90 win percentage caliber player, and I know it can do the same for you. This build gets the most overpowered stats in the game, and I promise you, you will turn into an elite 2K player after reading this build article.

Why This Build?

Y'all boys know 2K be running up them VC prices, and builds are very expensive. My advice for you guys today is to not skip any parts throughout this video so you can get the exact build that I use. This build can finish at the rim with ease, getting every contact dunk you could imagine, and shoot lights out from anywhere on the floor because this build has the ability to get the best base in the game. It also has the best and fastest dribble moves, which can break ankles, and most importantly, this build plays amazing defense, making you look like Prime Kawhi Leonard and Prime LeBron James with the chase-down block.

To make life easier for you guys, I’ll be showing you the best animations, best jump shot, best settings for your build, and even how to upgrade your build once you have it created.

Building the Beast

Step 1: Creating Your Player

Once you guys have made it to the screen, it’s time to create our build. If you’re on Xbox, click A; if you’re on PlayStation, select X. Now you should be greeted with this rebirth screen. It says, “Would you like to create this saved as a rebirth player?” Rebirth players get a head start on their careers with an initial max overall of 90, silver level badge unlocks once attribute requirements are met, and a 5% badge level progression boost. If you guys have a rebirth, select yes. If you don’t have a rebirth, get your first build to a 90 overall, complete a quest where you talk to Ronnie inside the city, and then once you go back to this screen, you’ll be greeted with this rebirth menu. If you have it, select yes; if not, follow the steps, and you will then be able to get all the progressions as soon as you enter the park.

Step 2: Setting Up the Build

Now we have the Builder screen with options to create your own build, NBA templates, and Community builds. Community builds are pretty dope; you can see builds from creators like Simply Grinding, Shakedown, C the Man, Igimo, and Lely. However, we’re not using a creator’s build or any of the NBA templates in this video; we’re creating our own build from scratch.

Key Attributes:

    1. Position: Point Guard. This specific point guard build works amazing on the 1v1 court, 2v2, 3v3, and even in your Pro-Am and W games. It can really do it all.

    2. Height: 6'6". This is the perfect height for versatility.

    3. Weight: 180 lbs. This ensures we are as fast as possible, avoiding slow builds.

    4. Wingspan: 7'0". This is a balance between reach and speed.

Step 3: MyPlayer Potential

Now it’s time to set our MyPlayer’s potential out of a 99 overall. This is where you really have to pay attention and make sure every single attribute is the exact same number as mine because if you mess up, it’s over.


    • Stamina: Max it out. You don’t want to be gasping for air after a few dribble moves.

    • Vertical: 78. This is enough to get the best contact dunks without wasting attribute points.

    • Strength: 50. This is all you need for the green window when driving to the basket.

    • Acceleration: 71. This slight boost helps with performance.

    • Speed: 86. Critical for a point guard.


    • Interior Defense: 62. This prevents you from getting babied in the paint.

    • Perimeter Defense: 87. You get Clamps on Silver, Menace on Silver, and Challenger on Gold.

    • Steal: 85. This gives you Silver Glove and Silver Interceptor.

    • Block: 76. Allows you to feel like Prime LeBron James with chase-down blocks.

    • Defensive Rebound: 70. Ensures you can get rebounds over most guards.


    • Speed with Ball: 75. Enough to get badges like Blow By and Hyperdrive.

    • Ball Handle: 85. Allows for good dribble moves.

    • Pass Accuracy: 75. Adequate for efficient passing.


    • Mid-Range Shot: 72. Sufficient for those occasional mid-range shots.

    • Three-Point Shot: 87. Maxed out to ensure you can shoot lights out from anywhere.

    • Free Throw: 67. Adjust as needed for Pro-Am or Rec.


    • Close Shot: 50. Just enough for those close-range attempts.

    • Driving Layup: 70. Balanced for effective layups.

    • Driving Dunk: 90. Allows for Gold Precision Dunker and Silver Posterizer, among other badges.

Final Build

Take a screenshot of this final build setup. This is it:

    • Vertical: 78

    • Physicals: Maxed out

    • Defense: Balanced and strong across all categories

    • Playmaking: Adequate for excellent dribbling and passing

    • Shooting: Maxed three-point shot

    • Finishing: High driving dunk for those highlight-reel finishes

Shades of the Greats

Your build should resemble the play styles of Lonzo Ball, Steve Francis, and Jalen Suggs. The build name is "Two-Way Inside-Out Threat."

Upgrading Your Build

Once you make it to the city, here’s what to upgrade first:

    1. Driving Dunk: Max this out first to get those contact dunks.

    2. Three-Point Shot: Essential for being unpredictable.

    3. Physicals: Stamina, vertical, and speed.

    4. Defense: Interior defense, perimeter defense, steal, block, and defensive rebound.

    5. Playmaking: Pass accuracy and ball handle. Speed with ball can be adjusted based on preference.

Best Animations and Settings

Dribble Moves:

    • Pass Style: None

    • Dribble Style: Magic Johnson or Pro

    • Signature Size-Up: Pro

    • Escape Moves: LeBron James

    • Other Moves: Choose according to personal preference, but the ones listed get the job done.


    • Vibration: On for a better ball feel

    • Shot Timing: User Timing with Set Point visual cue

    • Shot Meter: Off for a 20% bigger green window

    • Shot Feedback: All Shots

Best Jump Shot:

    • Base: Tracy McGrady

    • Upper Release 1: Oscar Robertson

    • Upper Release 2: Saddiq Bey

    • Release Speed: 4/4 (Fastest)

    • Animation Blending: 75% Oscar Robertson, 25% Saddiq Bey


This build provides the perfect balance for any play style, making you a formidable force on the court. Whether you're slashing to the basket, knocking down threes, or locking down your opponent, this build has you covered. Follow this guide, equip the right animations and settings, and you'll be on your way to becoming an elite NBA 2K24 player.

Stay tuned to NBA2King for more NBA 2K content and stay up to date with all our latest news.