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Best Shooting Badges in NBA 2K21

Feb-17-2021 PST

At the end of the day the archers fired. When the game hits the wire, whether you're on the virtual field or real hardwood, whether you're playing NBA 2K21 nearby or in the NBA Finals, you want to be the one to make the final stroke. To put yourself in the best position to shoot big shots during the game, equipping yourself with the best shooting badges is crucial.

Equipping and upgrading these badges makes the difference between a good shooter, a great shooter and an elite shooter. Whether you're viewing cards for your MyTeam lineup, rating for potential trade and draw in MyGM, or upgrading your own player on MyCareer, these are the best shooting badges to consider in NBA 2K21.

Range Extender

The Range Extender adds extra distance to a player's specified shot range for both mid and 3 shots. The greatest impact can be seen on standard and deep shots from three points. According to the folks at the NBA 2K Lab, with the best of the Hall of Fame level badge, your chances of a three-point shot are greatly increased with the equipped Range Extender. The player with the Range Extender can not only make more three-point shots, but also pull defenders out of the paint. Since the defenders are taking you, you need a badge to handle a harder defense.


With Deadeye equipped, quick shots taken with the defender locked out receive a less penalty than the target target. This includes both midrange and 3-point shots and is especially valuable in combination with a range extender. The same team at NBA 2K Lab tested Deadeye with contested shots and found that your chances of getting the shot and getting a green version increase with each level of Deadeye. Considering how difficult it is to dodge defenders in NBA 2K21, Deadeye is essential for punching in MyCareer and the other game modes.

Difficult Shots

In challenging shots, high difficulty shots such as jump steps, turns, passes and pull-ups have an increased hit rate. Coming from someone accidentally taking a shot while not planning much, this is an absolute must. Sometimes you have to turn or retreat to separate from the defender. Other times, you just don't have time to get your foot off the screen or pass it wrong. This badge can be better combined with a range extender, creating a better three-shot ratio deeper in the transition.

Flexible Release

With the flexible release, penalty kicks for jump shots are reduced, making it easier to drop attempts, even when shooting sooner or later. This badge is definitely recommended for novice gamers or gamers who are used to the latest version of 2K. If you're seasoned and get the perfect recording timing, something like the Green Machine (an extra push after the excellent releases) might be better. But if you're still struggling with timing, the flexible version should give you more breathing room.

Tireless Shooter and Volume Shooter

As we said before, shooters shoot. With Tireless Scorer you get less punishment if you burn. With Volume Shooter, you get a boost to your shot attributes for every subsequent shot, whether taken or missed. For those who want to transform their MyPlayer from scrub to star, you have to make lots of snaps and make lots of snaps. With this set of badges, you should be able to do this throughout the game with fewer penalties and more boosts.

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