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BIG NBA 2K21 update 1.09, Patch Notes Revealed

Mar-13-2021 PST

As the National Basketball Federation hoped to start the second half of the season on Wednesday, the league’s video game colleagues have also brought vitality to themselves. NBA 2K21 announced that a new game update will be released soon, which has fixed some bugs and added new content for players. This update is not as large as the patches from previous months, but it is large enough to ensure that 2K can provide a complete description report for the patch.

This new update, already activated, achieves two main goals. First, the update will provide improvements to the entire game. New Stadiums and content have been added to 2K Beach mode, while the look of many players in the game has been updated.

Second, this update is set to fix minor issues in MyTEAM mode. Some MyTEAM players may have noticed problems opening or viewing Dark Matter packages on Playbook Cards. All these problems now need to be fixed.

Here is a complete list of the latest NBA 2K21 updates:


       The 2K Foundation is inspired by the tiles and new seasonal decor of 2K Beach

       Another set of player similarities has been updated for current NBA players.


       Fixed a rare issue where Dark Matter game cards do not display player recognition when unpacking

       Resolved an audio issue in the Dark Matter card animation

       Resolved an issue with displaying the names of some rule cards

       Various additional preparations for future additions to MyTEAM

Despite the size of this download, NBA 2K21 Update 1.09 really doesn’t do much to improve the game. In line with regular updates to network styles and ceremonial stadiums, this new design includes 2K-based models. The 2K Foundation is a true organization that works with local communities to encourage STEAM training and works with leading artists to design basketball courts in specific communities. With today’s update, the current generation of NBA 2K21 players will see what some of these concepts look like in-game. These new fields are a great way to see how 2K is spending some of its hard-earned venture capital money.

However, outside of these stadiums, the NBA 2K21 1.09 update does not include anything else. There are similarities in the upgrades, one of which we know is the Sacramento Kings guard Therese Halliburton. Halliburton recently contacted 2K to express concern about its latest scan, and it appears that these issues have been officially resolved. There may also be updates on other similarities on the agenda, but these are not identified in the notes above. This update will arrive a few days after the current version of NBA 2K21 is introduced on the Xbox Game Pass. With so many new players jumping into the game at the same time, it makes sense that visual concepts offer some extra caution to ensure the experience is honed as much as possible. However, not much is expected of the new stadium in terms of gameplay.

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