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​Breaking down the NBA 2K23 game's best new features

Dec-21-2022 PST

In order to continue the task of fully iterating NBA 2K22 to next-generation consoles, developer Visual Concepts has fully upgraded the gameplay of peripheral players in NBA 2K22, making its main advantages more obvious, which is reflected in online play throughout the game's life cycle status.

Professional Stick

The upgraded Pro Stick is one of the most talked about so far, with multiple taps of the stick for functions like turns, making it easier for players to achieve smoother control when cutting to the basket Moves like the jump step and the Euro step. Expanded, specific dunk controls mean no more accidental skill dunks going wrong.

Energy System

NBA 2K23 tweaked the energy system to make it more balanced. Stamina drains faster than in the past when complex moves are used, and players get three adrenaline boosts with each possession, and one each time a player starts sprinting.

Shot Meter

For perimeter players According to the game's developer log, there are five new shot meters to choose from, new stats to consider for signature jump shots (shoot speed, release height, etc.), and a new feedback system:

"You'll also notice a subtle change in the way hitting feedback works this year. We use the hitting arc to help indicate whether you're early (high arc), late (flat arc), or on time (ideal arc), so Note that if your shot misses, you can easily tell immediately. Also, with shot feedback enabled, we're delaying the timing/coverage override and green shot animation until the ball hits the rim."

A.I Intelligence

The A.I. in NBA 2K23 is smarter and more aggressive than it has been in years. Also notable is the inclusion of a new difficulty, which falls between the "novice" and "expert" levels. The completely overhauled "Rookie" mode. The goal is to provide a smoother onboarding process for new players.

MyPLAYER Badge System

In addition to general gameplay, Visual Concepts has also updated issues with the badge system in game modes like MyPLAYER. After seeing players get the best upgrades early each year, 2K23 will be the first to adopt a tiered badge system, requiring players to use a certain number of lower-tier badges first. That might sound like a setback for the game's most immersive mode, but it has the potential to make things more realistic, which should be the goal.

When it comes to MyPLAYER and other modes, very little has been revealed so far. These little inner workings of MyPLAYER are incorporated into a microtransaction system. While the rest of the game remains a mystery ahead of launch, last year's stunning next-gen demo was an upgrade.

Tons of game modes MyCAREER, The W, MyTeam, and everything else is returning, offering in-depth modes for every type of player who chooses this edition. No matter which mode a player chooses, the real core of the NBA 2K23 experience seems to be the on-court upgrades that affect things at every level. If nothing else, bringing the upgraded gameplay to the release is a great way for the series to maintain its next-gen momentum.

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