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EA Sports FC 24: Building The Fastest Team

Oct-24-2023 PST

Speed is a crucial attribute in football, and in EA Sports FC 24, it's no different. The game places a premium on pace, making it essential to have the fastest players in your squad to gain an edge over your opponents. In this article, we embark on a journey to assemble the fastest team possible in EA Sports FC 24. From goalkeepers to strikers, we will explore the speedsters who will make up our lightning-fast squad.

The Need for Speed

Speed is not just an asset; it's a weapon in the world of FIFA gaming. Having players who can outrun their opponents can lead to breakneck counter-attacks, close down attackers more effectively, and create opportunities to score. So, let's dive into the hunt for the fastest players in every position.

Goalkeeper - Mr. Ho Campos

Starting with the last line of defense, we search for the quickest goalkeeper. Our quest leads us to Mr. Ho Campos, who boasts an incredible 84-speed rating, well ahead of the competition. Although a bronze goalkeeper tempts us, we opt for Campos at 58,000 coins. However, we impose a strict rule that any player with a match rating below seven will face the dreaded SBC (Squad Building Challenge) and a one-way ticket out of our squad.

Right Back - Milan Van Ewijk

Continuing our search for speed, we find Milan Van Ewijk, a right back with a lightning-fast 92 Pace. Despite butchering his name, we recognize his potential to provide blistering runs down the right flank. We don't need a world-class defender; we need pace, and Van Ewijk fits the bill perfectly.

Left Back - Alphonso Davies

On the opposite flank, we uncover Alphonso Davies, the fastest left back in the game with a 95-pace rating. His speed is essential for both attacking and tracking back to defend counter-attacks. Speed is the name of the game here, and Davies is our man.

Center Backs - Ibenzeigor Iz and S. Lord

Now, we venture into the heart of our defense, where we hope to find quick central defenders. We discover Ibenzeigor Iz, a Brazilian center-back with 85 Pace and solid defensive attributes. We pair him with S. Lord, another speedster, albeit with an unusual name, to form a pacey center-back duo. The defense might not be filled with icons, but speed takes precedence.

Defensive Midfield - Toenali and S. Ramires

In the midfield, we search for pacey defensive midfielders to shield our defense. Toenali, with an impressive 84 Pace, becomes the ideal choice. He's a key cog in our team, ensuring that our opponents find it challenging to penetrate our midfield. Joining him is S. Ramires, another quick midfielder, whose presence should help maintain control in the center of the park.

Wingers and Strikers - The Need for Speed

The forward line is where speed truly shines. We aim for the fastest wingers and strikers to strike terror into the hearts of our opponents.

Wingers - Marar Adi YY and Osman Demell

Marar Adi YY and Osman Demell are our first choices for the wing positions. With 96 Pace, they are among the fastest players in the game. Their blistering pace will be a nightmare for opposition full-backs. Speed is their forte, and we're counting on them to deliver goals and assists.

Strikers - S. Lord and A. Penda

Our hunt for speed concludes with our striking duo. S. Lord, despite a quirky name, boasts a striking 94 Pace, ensuring that defenders will struggle to keep up with him. A. Penda, with 94 Pace and five-star skills, adds the necessary finesse to our attacking lineup.

The Need for Coins

Building the fastest team in EA Sports FC 24 comes at a cost. We've spent millions of EA Sports FC 24 coins to assemble our speedsters, but the excitement and potential for victory outweigh the expense.


In EA Sports FC 24, speed is king, and assembling a team of lightning-fast players is essential for success. Our journey to find the fastest players in every position has led us to an exciting and formidable squad. From Mr. Ho Campos guarding the net to S. Lord and A. Penda leading the attack, our team is a force to be reckoned with. With the right strategy and tactics, this lightning-fast squad has the potential to conquer EA Sports FC 24. Speed is the name of the game, and in this fast-paced virtual world, we're ready to leave our opponents in the dust.