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EA Sports FC 24: Make Your Mark Team 2 Promo and the Stars and Stripes Evolution

Jun-24-2024 PST

Recently, Electronic Arts released the Make Your Mark Team 2 promo into EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team. This exciting addition offers players a chance to pack top-tier cards that can be further upgraded based on real-world performances in the EURO and Copa America tournaments. However, these cards are notoriously hard to pack and often come with a hefty price tag on the Transfer Market. Thankfully, EA Sports FC 24 has also introduced new Evolutions, allowing players to upgrade lower-rated cards through in-game objectives. One such Evolution is the Stars and Stripes Evolution, which provides a cost-effective way to enhance your squad.

What is the EAFC 24 Stars and Stripes Evolution?

The Stars and Stripes Evolution is a valuable feature in EA Sports FC 24, especially for players looking to improve their team without spending significant coins. This Evolution is free to start and offers substantial upgrades to eligible cards. The requirements for the Stars and Stripes Evolution are as follows:

    • Max Overall: 86

    • Nation: USA

    • Max Pace: 92

    • Max PlayStyles: 7

    • Max PlayStyles+: 0

Upon completing all the objectives, your card will receive the following upgrades:

    • +9 Overall

    • +8 Pace

    • +10 Shooting

    • +8 Passing

    • +8 Dribbling

    • +7 Defending

    • +10 Physical

    • +1 Weak Foot

    • +1 Skill Moves

Additionally, the card will gain new PlayStyles and PlayStyles+:

    • PlayStyles: Trickster, Power Header, Long Ball Pass

    • PlayStyles+: Quick Step, Tiki Taka, Finesse Shot

The Best Players for the Stars and Stripes Evolution

While the Stars and Stripes Evolution is free, selecting the best player to utilize this feature can greatly enhance your team. The most effective cards will generally cost around 50,000 Coins on the Transfer Market, and due to high demand, they might be hard to find. Here are the top recommendations for this Evolution:

1. Heroes Landon Donovan – MLS

Landon Donovan is arguably the best option for the Stars and Stripes Evolution. His stats post-Evolution are impressive, with 97 Pace and 96 Shooting, making him a lethal striker. Furthermore, his 5-star weak foot and skill moves combo make him an excellent choice for any team. If you already have strong strikers, you might want to consider other options, but Donovan’s overall upgrade potential is hard to beat.

2. Team of the Week Antonee Robinson – Fulham

Antonee Robinson is an excellent choice for those looking to upgrade their wingers. After completing the Evolution, Robinson's speed is maxed out, making him one of the fastest players in the game. His other stats also receive significant boosts, making him a versatile and valuable addition to your squad.

3. Team of the Week Taylor Booth – FC Utrecht

Taylor Booth is another strong candidate for this Evolution. His upgrade will also max out his speed, which is crucial for wingers. Booth's overall improvement makes him a great option for enhancing your attacking options, providing both speed and agility on the field.

4. Lynn Williams – NJ/NY Gotham

For those who prefer not to spend extra coins on the Transfer Market, Lynn Williams is a viable option. While she may not have the same initial appeal as the other choices, her stats post-Evolution make her a competitive player, especially if you’re looking to strengthen your team without additional investments.

Additional Options and Considerations

While the above players are the top picks, there are other potential candidates for the Stars and Stripes Evolution. For instance, Radioactive Tim Weah is another player that fits the requirements well. However, he currently has an active Squad Building Challenge (SBC) that might be more cost-effective. While he’s a good option, you might be better off spending a bit more to acquire his Path to Glory card, which is eligible for future upgrades.

Why Complete the Stars and Stripes Evolution?

Completing the Stars and Stripes Evolution is beneficial for several reasons:

    • Cost-Effective Upgrades: This Evolution provides significant upgrades without requiring a large investment. Even if you don't have an ideal card to start with, completing the objectives will give you high-rated fodder for future SBCs.

    • Enhanced Player Performance: The stat boosts and additional PlayStyles make a noticeable difference in gameplay, giving your team an edge in matches.

    • Building a Competitive Team: With the right player, the Stars and Stripes Evolution can turn a good player into a top-tier option, helping you build a more competitive team.

Availability and Expiry

EA Sports FC 24 is available on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC platforms. The Stars and Stripes Evolution is set to expire on July 20th, so players should aim to complete it before then to take full advantage of the upgrades.


The Make Your Mark Team 2 promo and the Stars and Stripes Evolution in EA Sports FC 24 provide exciting opportunities for players to enhance their teams. While packing the best cards from the promo can be challenging and expensive, the Stars and Stripes Evolution offers a practical alternative for upgrading your squad. By selecting the right players, you can maximize the benefits of this Evolution and enjoy improved performance on the field. Whether you’re aiming to add a top-tier striker like Landon Donovan or boost your wing play with Antonee Robinson or Taylor Booth, the Stars and Stripes Evolution is a worthwhile endeavor in EA Sports FC 24.

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