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EA Sports FC 24: Mastering the 4321 Formation

Jun-06-2024 PST

In the ever-evolving world of FIFA gaming, tactics and strategies play a pivotal role in achieving victory on the virtual pitch. Among the plethora of formations available, the 4-3-2-1 formation has been gaining popularity, offering a balanced approach to both attack and defense. In this article, we'll delve into the intricacies of EA Sports FC 24's Four Triple Two formation, dissecting player instructions, custom tactics, and the nuances that make it a formidable choice for FIFA enthusiasts.

Understanding the Four Triple Two Formation

The Four Triple Two formation, characterized by four defenders, three central midfielders, and two strikers, is known for its versatility. When utilized correctly, it can provide a strong defensive foundation while also offering the potential for a potent attacking force. However, mastering this formation requires a nuanced understanding of player instructions and custom tactics.

Defensive Setup

    • Defensive Style: The balanced defensive style is recommended for the Four Triple Two formation. While some players prefer high-pressure tactics, a balanced approach offers greater stability and control.

    • Defensive Width: Reducing the defensive width to around 40 makes your team more compact and harder to break down. This tactic minimizes your opponent's opportunities, leading to fewer conceded goals.

    • Defensive Depth: Increase the defensive depth to around 60. This tweak is essential because the Four Triple Two has two central defensive midfielders (CDMs) instead of central midfielders. It allows for a more assertive defensive stance.

    • Passing Style (New Gen vs. Old Gen):

        • New Gen: Utilize a balance and direct passing style.

        • Old Gen: Opt for long ball and balanced passing. The balance and direct passing are more effective on the new generation consoles, while long ball and balanced are suitable for the old generation.

Offensive Setup

    • Offensive Width: Slightly reduce the offensive width to around 45. This adjustment brings your left midfielder (LAM) and right midfielder (RAM) closer to the two strikers, promoting coordinated attacks.

    • Players in the Box: Increase this setting to seven. Having more players in the box enhances your chances of scoring from crosses, corners, and free kicks.

Player Instructions

Now, let's dive into the individual player instructions:


    • Stay Central: Keep your strikers centrally positioned to maintain a constant goal threat.

    • Get in Behind: Encourage your strikers to make darting runs behind the opponent's defense.

    • Come Back on Defense: Ensure your strikers contribute defensively when necessary.

LAM and RAM (Left Attacking Midfielder and Right Attacking Midfielder):

    • Come Back on Defense: These instructions help your wide midfielders contribute defensively.

    • Get into the Box for Cross: This is crucial, as it positions your LAM and RAM for rebounds and tap-ins when the ball is delivered into the box.

CDMs (Central Defensive Midfielders):

    • Cover Center: Both CDMs should cover the central area to thwart opposition attacks.

    • Balanced Attack (for one CDM): Designate one CDM as the more attack-minded of the two. This player will contribute to offensive moves.

    • Stay Back While Attacking (for the more defensive CDM): The other CDM should primarily focus on defending and stay back during attacks.


    • Balanced Attack (on the side of the CDM with balanced attack): The fullback on the same side as the CDM with a balanced attack should support attacks by overlapping and providing width.

    • Stay Back While Attacking (on the opposite side): The fullback on the opposite side should remain defensively oriented to ensure a balanced formation.


    • Comes for Crosses: Your goalkeeper should be aggressive in coming out to deal with crosses.

    • Super Keeper: Enable this instruction to have your goalkeeper make exceptional saves when required.


Mastering the Four Triple Two formation in EA Sports FIFA 24 requires a keen understanding of player instructions and custom tactics. By finding the right balance between offense and defense and tailoring your team's instructions to suit your style of play, you can create a formidable squad capable of competing at the highest levels. Remember, practice makes perfect, and with dedication and adaptation, you can lead EA Sports FC 24 to victory on the virtual pitch. 

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