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EA Sports FC 24 Season 7 Ladder Players Guide

Jun-11-2024 PST

As EA Sports FC 24 gears up for the excitement surrounding Euro 2024, a fresh update has set the Ultimate Team community ablaze. The FC 24 Season 7 Ladder Players list is a coveted feature, offering gamers the opportunity to unlock legendary players simply by accumulating experience points (XP). This new edition promises an electrifying experience without the need to spend in-game fc 24 coins, giving everyone a fair shot at top-tier players like Steven Gerrard or Raphinha. Here’s everything you need to know about the FC 24 Season 7 Ladder Players and how to make the most of this update.

How to Unlock FC 24 Season 7 Ladder Players

The FC 24 Season 7 Ladder Players were introduced as part of the Euro 2024 update, and integrated into the FC 24 Festival of Football. These players can be unlocked by completing various in-game objectives to earn XP. As you accumulate XP, you progressively unlock players from the Ladder Players list.

To start your journey, head to the Objectives tab in FC 24. Here, you’ll find a plethora of tasks that offer XP. The first player on the list, Boris Cespedes, requires just 1,000 XP. As you continue to complete objectives, the XP requirements increase, with the ultimate goal being to unlock the Hungarian legend Ferenc Puskas at 35,000 XP.

The Objectives Challenge

The FC 24 Season 7 Ladder Players Objectives challenge is an engaging way to earn these players while simultaneously enhancing your gameplay experience. Once you begin unlocking players from the list, you can utilize them in the Season 7 Play challenge. Participating in matches and securing victories grants additional XP, helping you accelerate the process of unlocking high-tier players such as Puskas and Steven Gerrard.

To participate in the challenge, you need at least four Ladder Players in your team to complete the first five challenges. For the final challenge, which requires 10 wins and rewards 350 XP, you must have seven Ladder Players in your squad.

FC 24 Season 7 Ladder Players List

The following table outlines the full list of FC 24 Season 7 Ladder Players, including their positions, countries, overall ratings (OVR), and the XP required to unlock each item. Note that you have until July 11 to unlock all the players. Reaching Level 34 presents a tough choice between Toni Kroos and Steven Gerrard, both of whom offer immense value to any team.

Strategies for Unlocking Players

1. Prioritize Objectives: Focus on completing tasks that offer the highest XP rewards. Daily and weekly objectives often provide significant XP boosts and are essential for rapid progression.

2. Season 7 Play Challenge: Utilize the Ladder Players in your team to compete in the Season 7 Play challenge. Winning matches in this mode not only boosts your XP but also gives you practical experience with your newly unlocked players.

3. Efficient Team Management: Ensure your squad meets the requirements for the challenges. Having the necessary number of Ladder Players in your lineup is crucial for clearing stages and earning additional XP.

4. Maximize Playtime: Engage in regular gameplay to steadily accumulate XP. The more you play, the faster you’ll reach the XP milestones needed to unlock top-tier players.

5. Consult Guides and Resources: Use available guides, such as the FC 24 formations and skill moves guides, to enhance your gameplay tactics. Efficient play and strategic use of skills can lead to more victories and consequently, more XP.

The Final Decision: Kroos or Gerrard?

Reaching Level 34 in the Ladder Players list presents a dilemma: choosing between Toni Kroos and Steven Gerrard. Both players bring exceptional skills to the table, and your decision will largely depend on your team’s specific needs and playstyle.

• Toni Kroos (97 OVR): As a central midfielder, Kroos excels in passing, vision, and ball control. His ability to dictate the pace of the game and deliver precise long balls makes him invaluable for teams that emphasize possession and build-up play.

• Steven Gerrard (96 OVR): Known for his leadership and versatility, Gerrard offers a robust presence in midfield. His attacking prowess, combined with defensive capabilities, makes him a balanced choice for both offensive and defensive strategies.

Ultimately, both players are excellent additions, and your choice should align with your overall team strategy and the positions you most need to strengthen.


The FC 24 Season 7 Ladder Players list is a fantastic opportunity for gamers to enhance their Ultimate Team without financial investment. By strategically accumulating XP and unlocking players, you can build a formidable squad in time for Euro 2024. Remember to focus on completing objectives, participating in the Season 7 Play challenge, and making informed decisions at critical milestones. Happy gaming, and may your team be unstoppable on the pitch!

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