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EA Sports FC 25: Exploring the New 'Penta' Game Mode

Jul-01-2024 PST

There is a new game mode on EA Sports FC 25 that I want to talk about. I wanted to have an organic conversation between you and me because I'm sure you guys would prefer that. The only line I have seen is that the mode is called 'Penta'.

The Need for Change in FIFA/EA FC

Before diving into the specifics of Penta, I want to touch on something broader: the need for change in FIFA and now EA Sports FC. In my opinion, the game is very much lacking originality. Modes like FUT Draft, FUT Champs, and Division Rivals have seen minimal changes over the years. While the rewards in Rivals have become a bit more worth playing for, and the mode itself is okay, there's still something missing.

We do have friendlies now, and there are objectives in friendlies and things to do non-stop, which is a positive change. However, the problem lies in the balance of game modes. There's no true casual mode in Ultimate Team. Friendlies are based on your Division, which means if you're in Division 2, Division 1, or the Elite Division, you're playing against very good players. In the old days, Division seasons were more casual, allowing you to play against people from different divisions without the intense pressure of reaching the Elite.

The Problems with Current Game Modes

The current game modes present two major problems:

1. Lack of Casual Mode: There really isn't a true casual mode. Friendlies are based on your Division, making every match quite competitive.

2. Limited Options for Playing with Friends: There isn't a robust mode for playing with friends. EA needs to create a separate Co-op Division Rivals and Co-op Weekend League. This would not only make the game more fun but also help in growing the game with creators who have huge audiences.

Introducing Penta: The New Ultimate Team Game Mode

Let's get into the details of Penta, the new Ultimate Team game mode. This information comes from a couple of guys on Twitter. Shout out to them for the leaks.

Penta is essentially a 5v5 mode where you play with four human players and one AI goalkeeper against another team of four human players and one AI goalkeeper. Here's a breakdown of what we know so far:

1. Team Composition: You pick a player from your Ultimate Team and control just that player. You can group up with up to three other friends who do the same.

2. Random Drop-In: You can also choose to randomly drop in with three unknown players, similar to how you might play squads in Fortnite.

3. Adjusted Pitch Size: The pitch will be smaller and adjusted for 5v5 play.

4. Objectives and Requirements: There will be mini objectives inside this game mode, some of which will have requirements like a maximum 75 rating or maximum 85 pace.

5. Does Not Replace Squad Battles: This mode will be an extra feature in Ultimate Team and not a replacement for Squad Battles, which is getting revamped in EA FC 25.

Potential Impact of Penta

Now, let's discuss the potential impact of Penta. FIFA currently has a mode called Volta, which nobody plays. Volta had some cool concepts but lacked the fun factor and aura that made people want to play it. Penta has the potential to be different if it can bring the fun and the motive to play with friends.

Playing games with friends is inherently more fun than playing solo. For creators, it's better for viewers, and for players, the interaction of being on a call with your friends while playing adds a lot to the experience. However, the success of Penta will largely depend on whether it has meaningful objectives and rewards.

Concerns and Suggestions

One major concern is whether Penta will end up like Volta, being a mode that looks cool but lacks substance. EA needs to ensure that Penta has meaningful rewards and a clear progression system. It should not feel like doing homework, but rather be something players look forward to playing.

Additionally, it's crucial for EA to balance the matchmaking in Penta. Ideally, it should not have strict skill-based matchmaking (SBMM) to keep the games varied and fun.

The Bigger Picture

Beyond Penta, there are broader changes that EA should consider for EA FC 25. For example, adding co-op options to Division Rivals and Weekend League would be a significant improvement. Bringing back online seasons without SBMM could also help create a more varied and enjoyable experience.

Ultimately, EA needs to listen to its community and focus on making the game fun and engaging. The success of games like Fortnite shows the importance of community-driven updates and the value of creating fun, collaborative experiences.


In conclusion, Penta has the potential to be a great addition to EA Sports FC 25, but it will require careful implementation and meaningful rewards to succeed. The broader need for changes in FIFA/EA FC remains, and EA should continue to innovate and listen to its community to keep the game fresh and exciting.

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