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FC 25 Cover Star Vote Reveals Surprising Winner

Jun-26-2024 PST

The anticipation for EA Sports FC 25 is building, and fans are eagerly speculating about who will grace the cover of the upcoming game. Online polls conducted by prominent EA FC news sites have given fans the chance to voice their opinions on the next cover star. The results so far have been surprising, revealing unexpected frontrunners and sparking debates among the gaming and football communities.


Marco Reus: A Nostalgic Favorite


Leading the poll with 438 votes is Marco Reus, the seasoned Borussia Dortmund player. Reus has been a beloved figure in football for over a decade, known for his skill, leadership, and loyalty to Dortmund. His position at the top of the poll is surprising given that he was featured on the cover of FIFA 17 and is now in the later stages of his career. This vote highlights the enduring admiration fans have for Reus, and perhaps a longing for the nostalgic days of his peak performance.


Reus' journey in football has been one of resilience and passion. Despite numerous injuries that could have ended his career, he has consistently returned to the pitch, demonstrating an unwavering commitment to his team and the sport. His potential appearance on the cover of FC 25 could symbolize a tribute to his perseverance and lasting impact on football.


Cristiano Ronaldo: The Legendary Contender


Meanwhile, the poll is currently led by Cristiano Ronaldo, who has garnered 1,378 votes. Ronaldo's inclusion as a favorite is less surprising, given his status as one of the greatest footballers of all time. However, Ronaldo has already appeared on the cover of FIFA titles in the past, and his current partnership with UFL, an upcoming football game, makes his return to EA FC highly unlikely.


Ronaldo's enduring popularity is a testament to his incredible career, which has seen him break countless records and achieve numerous accolades. His presence in the poll underscores the fans' desire for a cover star with a legendary status and a global fanbase. Despite the unlikelihood of his selection, Ronaldo's dominance in the vote highlights the strong connection fans feel with football icons.


The Haaland Conundrum


Erling Haaland, who was the first cover star of the EA FC franchise last year, might still be a viable candidate for FC 25. Haaland's incredible performance with Manchester City and his growing reputation as one of the top strikers in the world make him a strong contender. EA has a history of featuring certain players on multiple covers, as seen with Lionel Messi and Wayne Rooney. If EA opts for continuity, Haaland could very well become the face of the franchise once again.


Haaland's appeal lies in his explosive playing style, impressive goal-scoring record, and youthful energy. His presence on the cover could represent the future of football, appealing to a younger demographic and showcasing the next generation of football superstars.


Potential New Faces for FC 25


If EA decides to introduce a fresh face for the FC 25 cover, several high-profile players could be popular picks among fans. Here are some potential candidates:


    • Jude Bellingham: The young English midfielder has made a significant impact at Borussia Dortmund and is quickly becoming one of the most promising talents in football. His dynamic playing style and maturity on the field make him an exciting choice for the cover.

    • Jamal Musiala: Playing for Bayern Munich, Musiala has impressed with his creativity, vision, and versatility. As a rising star in European football, he embodies the future of the sport and could be an inspiring cover star.

    • Bukayo Saka: The Arsenal winger has become a fan favorite with his speed, skill, and work ethic. Saka's performances for both club and country have earned him widespread admiration, making him a compelling option for the cover.

    • Vinicius Jr: The Brazilian forward has dazzled Real Madrid with his flair, pace, and goal-scoring ability. Vinicius Jr represents the next wave of Brazilian talent and could bring a vibrant energy to the FC 25 cover.

    • Cole Palmer: Another Manchester City prodigy, Palmer has shown great potential and is viewed as a future star. His inclusion on the cover could highlight the club's strong youth development and Palmer's rising status.

    • Harry Kane: The England captain and Tottenham Hotspur striker remains one of the most prolific goal-scorers in football. Kane's experience, leadership, and consistent performance make him a reliable and respected choice for the cover.


Community Engagement and Fan Input


The ongoing fan votes and discussions about the FC 25 cover star reflect the strong engagement and passion of the EA FC community. Fans eagerly participate in these polls, expressing their preferences and debating the merits of various players. This level of involvement demonstrates the importance of fan input in shaping the game's identity and marketing.


EA Sports has an opportunity to listen to its community and consider their preferences when selecting the FC 25 cover star. By doing so, they can foster a deeper connection with their audience and create a more personalized gaming experience.




As the release of EA Sports FC 25 approaches, the excitement and speculation surrounding the cover star continue to grow. The surprising results of the unofficial fan votes highlight the diverse preferences and strong opinions within the EA FC community. Whether EA decides to stick with Erling Haaland, pay tribute to Marco Reus, consider Cristiano Ronaldo, or introduce a new face, the choice will undoubtedly generate significant interest and discussion.


Ultimately, the FC 25 cover star will not only represent the game but also reflect the evolving landscape of football. Fans eagerly await the official announcement, ready to celebrate the player who will become the face of EA Sports FC 25.


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