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First final of the NBA 2K18 E-CUP tournament in France

Mar-29-2018 PST

For more than a month, NBA 2K18 players from across France competed in stores and online to reveal the 12 best of them. At the end of the final on April 7, the winner will fly to the United States to attend a game of Playoffs with YouTuber Yann Cj-23.

2K Announces the Finale of the First 1-in-1, NBA 2K18 E-CUP Tournament in France by NBA 2K18, the Newest, Best-Selling and Best-Rated * NBA Video Game Simulator in Partnership with NBA? Micromania-Zing and PlayStation. The 12 best players ** who have passed the qualification rounds will meet again on Saturday, April 7th at Webedia (Levallois-Perret), in the presence of YouTuber Yann Cj-23 and First Team.

From 15:30 to 18:30, the event will be broadcast live on LeStream. The winner of the NBA 2K18 E-CUP tournament will have the chance to fly to the United States to attend one of the NBA playoff matches with the famous Youtuber Yann Cj-23.

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