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Five Tips to Instantly Improve Your EA Sports FC 24 Game

May-31-2024 PST

We're halfway through the EA Sports FC 24 cycle, and there's a lot more insight I can share to help elevate your game. Whether you're struggling to qualify for FUT Champs or consistently getting 16+ wins every weekend, these tips can make a significant difference. Let's dive right in, and don't forget to subscribe for more content!


Tip #1: Stop Over-Sprinting


This is the number one tip I mentioned in my previous video because it's crucial. Over-sprinting can negatively impact your gameplay in several ways:


    • Messes with AI: Sprinting too much can disrupt your AI positioning.

    • Hinders Dribbling: Sprint touches are often too large, making you easy to predict.

    • Predictability: Constant sprinting makes your movements obvious to opponents.


Let's break down an example. Imagine you have a breakaway with Mbappe. Instead of sprinting into space immediately, take a gentle touch first. This allows you to assess your options, like passing to a nearby player or setting up for a shot. Over-sprinting often results in defenders catching up due to the game's mechanics. A balanced approach to sprinting can create better scoring opportunities.


Tip #2: Utilize Play Style Pluses


Play style pluses are new in FC 24 and can significantly impact your performance. These special abilities can turn a good player into an exceptional one. Here's how to leverage them:


    • Finesse Shot Plus: Prioritize finesse shots when using players with this ability. For instance, when Kevin De Bruyne receives the ball, focus on setting up a finesse shot. Even from unexpected angles, this can drastically increase your chances of scoring.

    • Power Shot: Use players with the power shot plus for long-range efforts.

    • Rapid Plus: Maximize the speed of your fastest players to exploit defensive gaps.


Knowing and exploiting your players' play style pluses can give you an edge over your opponents, especially against strong defensive AI.


Tip #3: Be Unpredictable


Predictability is your enemy. To keep your opponents guessing, you need to mix up your play style:


    • Change Speeds: Alternate between sprinting, R1 dribbling, and walking.

    • Use Skill Moves: Incorporate a variety of skill moves to keep defenders on their toes.

    • Vary Passes: Mix driven passes with normal passes, and occasionally pass backward before attacking quickly.


The more unpredictable you are, the harder it is for your opponent to defend against you. Learning new skill moves and practicing them can greatly enhance this aspect of your game.


Tip #4: Optimize Your Personnel


Sometimes, your struggles can be attributed to a single player in your team. Here's how to identify and fix these issues:


    • Work Rates: Ensure your players' work rates suit their roles. For example, having a high-medium work rate for a CDM might cause defensive gaps.

    • Player Quality: Not all players perform equally. If one player consistently underperforms, consider replacing them.


Analyze your team's performance and be willing to make changes. Sometimes, a single adjustment can resolve a lot of issues and improve your overall gameplay.


Tip #5: Maintain a Strong Mentality


Your mentality can make or break your performance. Here are some key points to keep in mind:


    • Stay Calm: FIFA can be frustrating, especially when you concede goals that feel unfair. Keeping a cool head helps you maintain focus and perform better.

    • Focus on What You Can Control: Some goals are unavoidable. Recognize when a goal is beyond your control and move on.

    • Avoid Raging: Anger can severely impact your gameplay. Watching replays of your games can highlight how much worse you play when you're frustrated.


Pros maintain a calm demeanor and focus on the next play, which is something all players can learn from. Keeping your mentality strong will improve your gameplay, regardless of your current skill level.


Bonus Tip: Review Your Gameplay


Watching your matches can provide valuable insights into your performance. Identify areas where you made mistakes and think about what you could have done differently. This self-analysis can help you improve and prevent similar errors in future games.


Improving in EA Sports FC 24 is about more than just practicing; it's about playing smart. By reducing over-sprinting, utilizing play style pluses, being unpredictable, optimizing your personnel, and maintaining a strong mentality, you can significantly enhance your performance. These tips are designed to help players at all skill levels, so start incorporating them into your game today.


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