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Free NBA 2K23 MT Giveaway By NBA2king for Season 2

Oct-21-2022 PST

NBA 2K23 gave its fans a huge variety of content in Season 1, and you can expect the same in Season 2. With the NBA regular season in full swing, the release time for NBA 2K23 couldn't be more appropriate as the regular season merges with the arrival of Season 2.

Season 2 of NBA 2K23 launches on Friday, bringing new content to all game modes. This includes new cosmetic items, songs, and new rewards players can earn. Meanwhile, NBA2king will hold the Free NBA 2K23 MT Giveaway for Season 2 on Friday.

NBA2king has prepared 3 Million Free NBA 2K23 MT for our Twitter followers. Participating in the event will have the opportunity to get free MT. I wish you all the lucky winners!

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This event will yield 15X 200K winners. All winners will be announced soon! Please stay tuned on Twitter @NBA2KingService!

Details here: https://bit.ly/3TmGL3g

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