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Freeze engine 'NBA Live 18' drops, video play is not impressive

May-27-2017 PST

Images of the next match "NBA Live 18" is spread on the Internet of the images that are leaked, the players were able to see how the developer took the game time in the development of even the smallest details about race Stars including physical signs prominent like tattoos, while the graphics are impressive, we have not yet taken action in the game to really know what you made and what the participants can offer enthusiastically.

Recently, there have been many Uotob users who are able to attend the event and attend useful information about the next match, "NBA live 18." In the video, which was uploaded by Autobr agent 00, it was known that the game will be used to ignite the engine.

However, he admitted that he did not disclose the video uploader that IE representatives, and his information is instead. He added that the developer consumes two years of being able to have freezing engine. Agnete motor is the game I prefer to drive their games, including the NBA Live(NBA Live Mobile Coins), the FIFA and Madden, and has been using since 2013.

Apart from the images, it also appeared to play the video of the "NBA Live 18" online recently. Video playback is only 30 seconds long, but it gives a lot of information about what players can expect from the next game. Although this is not an example of the game's official game, a game publisher knows that the images should appear better than in the game. However, from the video, it seems that this is insecure and has many animation issues.

It is worth mentioning that the bodywork of the characters seems disproportionate.

There were basketball stars that made the real life in the wastewater. James Harden's display has many flaws, including his arms that look like they were shortened. In addition, the plan is a step back, and even early it seems uneven. There are also smooth looking scenes, including Kerry and John Irving wall performance Aaobs. It seems that the Dodge of other stars is cruel and unnatural.

"NBA Live 18" According to speculation, will be released in the fall of 2017. In view of that time, we are still not resolving the issues we see to fix the animation of the latest video game. In addition, IE takes on a large scale and favorite at the fans games 2K "NBA 2K18" and therefore the ball on it to produce a game that offers the players more than what a competitor offers. It has not yet been released official details about the next game.