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​Hall of notoriety trouble is broken

Aug-30-2021 PST

For what reason is that on corridor of acclaim trouble your partners become 2 star initiates ? I joined Zion and Ingram in my second season since they had vocation highs and I needed a major 3.

I've been in the group a few months and everybody could scarcely shoot 40% from the floor.

The insane thing is, the rival group can't miss open shots however my partners who are Allstars play like they're set on expert trouble, take I'll prompted pull ups and missing open shots.

In the event that I don't drop 40pt triple copies each game we free. I don't get how you all deal with the sliders of the players group on lobby of acclaim however you had the opportunity to fix this for 2k22.

That is exactly what HOF trouble does. The other group is crazy while yours seems as though it just emerged from the g class.

In myteam there's this test where you need to utilize just gold players against a group of players with each badge and 99 everything. It's practically incomprehensible. I made it happen however.

I don't think anything is going to change for 2k22 sorry man.

Do you suspect as much? Much thanks to you for perusing, sharing your reasoning. And NBA2KING NBA 2K22 MT will coming, hope you love us all the time, thank you.