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How to get Jump shot Creator in NBA 2K21

Feb-02-2021 PST

NBA 2K21 players understand how important the jump is and how it can make or break a player. The good news is that NBA 2K21's Jump shot Creator is almost immediately available, and players can quickly modify their jump to perfection.

To access Jump shot Creator, players must start a new MyCareer and skip or complete the educational games. If this isn't your first experience with MyCareer, you can skip the tutorials to save time.

Once your player is registered in the NBA, the game will return to the main MyCareer roster. Jump shot Creator can be found on the MyPlayer Appearance tab, and players can customize their jump there.

Players can select other NBA player shots in this list along with other default options and animations. The release speed can also be adjusted in the jump using the Blending option in the menu and it is ideal for players who want to fully customize their shot.

After creating the perfect jump, you can apply it to your launcher in the MyAnimations menu in the MyPlayer Appearance tab.

Using the virtual jump animation doesn't cost VC, but players can get distinct options from signature shots from other players. These animations aren't required to create an effective jump, but they are a fun way to customize your character.

Feel free to experiment with your jump to find the perfect shape for your player and show how strong you are on the field to your opponents.

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