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How to Get NBA 2K21 Dark Matters Cards

Mar-25-2021 PST

A batch of new NBA 2K21 Dark Matters cards have arrived to promote MyTeam, including the first-ever IDOLS player and several great coaches to strengthen the charts. The big flag, Kevin Garnett, leads the way alongside Hall of Fame coaches Phil Jackson and Greg Popovich. Here is an overview of new playing cards and how to get them to your MyTeam list.

KG is the first IDT card to promote MyTeam

The 99-rated card by future Hall of Fame player Kevin Garnett is the first IDOLS release of NBA 2K21 Dark Matters cards. The 6-foot-high striker/center offers 97 rebounds, 95 home goals, 94 athletes, 93 defenses and 82 players. MyTeam players will also receive 19 gold tokens and 41 Hall of Fame tokens with this card. This includes anything imaginable, such as Acrobat, Relentless Finisher, hard shots, clamps and rim protection. Basically, this card is the best KG superhero that can be added to a team.

Garnett joins other legendary NBA 2K21 Dark Matters cards as part of the Age of Heroes version. This included legend Michael Jordan and young Zion Williamson, both of whom have had high marks in recent weeks. To get a KG card, players can try to get it randomly from IDOLS packages or markets. Plus, go to the auction house because a big ticket is likely to have a huge price tag, but players with big credits will be great to add KG.

How to get NBA 2K21 Dark Matter cards for coaches

Training cards were already available on MyTeam that gave special improvements to teams. However, the new NBA 2K21 Dark Matter cards give coaches great additions. The first of these trailer cards belong to Phil Jackson and Gregg Popovich. To unlock the Zen Master, Phil Jackson, players must put together the entire NBA 2K21 Age of Heroes collection. This deck contains 15 cards, including Jordan, Shaq, Dirk Nowitzki, Scottie Pippen, George Gervin, Spudd Webb and Magic Johnson. See Phil Jackson's card image for a complete list.

Dark Matters Phil Jackson Collection Cards:

   Michael Jordan

   Shaquille O'Neal

   Dirk Nowitzki

   Scotty Pippen

   Magic Johnson

   Clyde Drexler

   Steve Nash

   Ray Allen

   Ben Wallace

   Shawn Kemp

   Gilbert Arenas

   Drazen Petrovich

   Manu Ginobili

   George Gervin


The Phil Jackson NBA 2K21 Dark Matters card is available as part of another 15-card redemption package. These are today’s heroes, including next-generation cover star Zion Williamson, pitcher Stephen Curry and world vision Luca Dunsic. Below the card you will find a complete list of cards needed as a Pop coach.

Dark Matters Gregg Popovich Collection:

   Zion Williamson

   Stephen Curry

   James Harden

   Nikola Gokic

   Luca Doncic

   Donovan Mitchell

   Carl Anthony cities

   Dangelo Russell

   De Aaron Fox

   Tyler Hero

   Patrick Beverly

   Colin Sexton

   Jarrett Allen

   Taco Fall

   Mitchell Robinson

Getting Phil Jackson and Greg Popovich's NBA 2K21 Dark Matters cards takes time to get MT and / or player items. However, when you become your coach, you will see their impact on your MyTeam lineup. Jackson brings a +10 triangle attack to your list, while Popovich gives a +10 defense boost.

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