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How To Get The Gym Rat Badge For NBA 2K21

Mar-05-2021 PST

Traits play a critical role in determining what kind of player you are in NBA 2K21. Without the right people, you can't do what you're doing on the field, leaving you behind in the competition. In addition to regular training for player development, you have the option to use badges. These are mainly special boosters that enhance specific characteristics of your personality. The Gym Rat badge increases your stamina, strength, speed and verticality by four, making it a suitable badge to unlock for offensive players.

There are two ways to obtain the Gym Rat badge in NBA 2K21, and they each have different terms of use, despite being the same badge. Here's how to unlock the Gym Rat badge in NBA 2K21.

Method 1: Unlock the Gym Rat badge via MyCareer in NBA 2K21

MyCareer is always a unique experience and an ideal way to relive your basketball dreams on the digital screen. If you meet the following conditions during the regular season, you will automatically unlock the Gym Rat badge.

    ● Play 40 regular season games on MyCareer.

    ● Win the playoffs and finals.

    ● Simulated games were initially blocked, but you can now emulate some games if you meet the following conditions.

    ● You can simulate 40 games in a regular season after reaching 25 points.

    ● After playing 40 games in the regular season without emulating any of them, you can simulate any remaining games until the qualifying tournaments.

    ● You can simulate playoff games after reaching 25 points.

Since you have to win the final to unlock the badge, it can also be a good idea to practice with your team before the match starts. If you don't win the final, you have to go through the same process from the first round. However, there is one problem that you should be aware of. The Gym Rat badge you unlock through MyCareer is only for the player you earned it with. This means that no other character can use the badge as you have not unlocked it with them.

Method 2: Unlock Gym Rat by increasing MyRep's progress

If you want to unlock the Gym Rat badge and use it for all of your available characters, you'll want to take the second path. This method requires access to "Superstar 2" in MyRep progress. Players on the next generation of consoles, the PS5 and Xbox Series X / S, will have to keep grinding for "Superstar 3". Playing through MyCareer may seem very tedious at first, but it can take relatively less time compared to speeding up MyRep's progress.

You have to keep playing around town to increase your MyRep progress, and there is no easy way to speed up the process. Players who have one character and don't expect to create another character in the future can choose the first method to save some time and enjoy the story if they haven't already.

Players with multiple characters will have to go through the second method because Gym Rat badges obtained through the first method can only be used by the characters they were unlocked with. Before reaching Superstar status, you will pass many levels, each of which offers great rewards. You also gain access to other badges as you progress in MyRep, which can be another source of motivation while grinding.

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