​How to make MT fast and easy in NBA 2K23 MyTeam?

Nov-01-2022 PST

MT are the main currency to buy NBA 2K23, through which players buy items. This raises the question of how players can get MT fast and easily. Various methods are available to get MT in 2K23, and some of those methods are discussed below. You can also buy nba 2k23 myteam currency from third-party sites and get your hands-on items without grinding at all.

Even if you already have some of the best players in your club, you will still have to buy more players to create a stable club to win in the long run. Follow these methods as mentioned to get the desired number of NBA 2K23 MT in no time.

Auction House

The auction house is your best shot at getting unlimited MT in 2K23, especially if you have some free cards in the inventory. Just go to the auction house and put all the unwanted cards on sale for the desired price. Some players also opt for auction house trading instead, where they buy an entry-level card and upgrade it to the max and sell it again. You may have to search deep in the auction house for the right card, but it's worth every minute.


Challenges are the second-best way to earn MT, but you have to grind in this method. Daily, weekly, seasonal, and monthly challenges are available in 2K23. The reward for each challenge depends on its tenure and difficulty rating. Seasonal challenges are the highest rewarding, but they are very difficult, and new challenges are available after the season resets. Challenges are a great way to better your basketball skills and earn MT.

Focus on your gameplay

Gameplay is very important when it comes to earning MT, and you should experiment with different options to find your hidden talent. This way, you can improve your game and win more challenges and tournaments, leading to more MT. Hundreds of players are available in 2K23, and you can check which one works best for which situation. If you don't know where to start, choose the power forward, as it is relatively easier to learn. NBA is all about focusing on your game, and this is what you should be doing as well if you want to become a billionaire club owner.

Set budget

No matter how many MT you have, you will need more, so you have to spend the existing balance with care. Set a budget from the start of your career to avoid wasting MT. This way, you can spend MT on much-needed items only and end up saving them for the long run. Who knows that at some point in your career, you may have to buy a billion-dollar player for a tournament, and you don't have enough money, so it is better to start saving from today instead.


By playing in the domination mode, you can get both MT as well as experience points. The best thing about the domination mode is that you can choose the difficulty level according to your skills. This way, you won't work hard and can still earn a good number of MT on a daily basis. If everything goes well, you can earn more than thirty MT from the domination mode alone, along with millions of currency and other in-game rewards.

Triple Threat online/offline

Triple Threat is an instant basketball mode that you can play offline as well as online. You get on the ground in a team of three players. The reward from these triple threat challenges warry from challenge to challenge. Online challenges tend to give you more MT as you will be competing against real-life players.

Locker Code

Locker codes are the official gift codes for NBA 2K23 that are provided by developers. You can use these codes in the game to get free rewards. These include MT, items, cards, etc. If you have some locker codes, use them as soon as possible, as they expire after some time.

Buy cards directly

You can use MT to buy player cards directly from the market. You can spend your money without worrying about anything if you are on a tight budget, as you aren't wasting your investments at all.  

Understand the game

There is a new system in MyTeam every year, and you should understand it to get better at dealing with it. This enables you to learn about which cards will be most powerful so you can spend your 2K MT on them and sell them at the auction house again. With this information, you can take part in domination and triple threat challenges. Developers go for this approach because they want to keep the game versatile, so everyone has a chance of winning here.