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How To Use The Trading System In MyCareer

Nov-03-2021 PST

As with previous NBA 2K games, you have the option to request a contract on MyCareer. But with the introduction of The City and MyCareer tasks, it can take a little longer and be a little indirect, depending on the platform you use. So how do you order a contract? It takes time and effort.

Trade orders are integrated into the MyCareer story and work in much the same way in both old and current generations. You can force a trade during the first season. But you have to do something before that. First, you need to become a beginner, which can be done in the current generation by completing several tasks.

After playing your first game as a beginner, you will receive a message on your phone with a video. This video shows former NBA player Kendrick Perkins saying on TV that he has heard rumors that you want your team. Next, you should talk to Ricky in your apartment. Ricky asks if you want to be exchanged. If you do, say yes.

When you tell Ricky you want a deal, you have to move on in the game until you see a new scene in the old generation or get an upgrade from the current generation’s trade mission called The Come Up: Trade Rumors. From now on, you need to talk to your agent and confirm your desire to trade from your current facility.

At this point, you will be asked which team you would like to go to. You will be asked to choose from three destinations, but it is wise to choose the first team you really want to go to.

From now on, you have to play until you have completed two more missions. You need to talk to the team manager at the team training center as well as journalist Candice Green. The latter is a must have in The City if you play in the current generation. Once you’ve done that, you need to watch the games until the exchange request is met.

It may take longer to complete the job and make the deal a success. This ultimately depends on when you become a beginner. However, you should be able to deal with you at some point in the middle of the first season if you tell Ricky and your agent that you want to be exchanged.

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