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Madden 25: How To Play Franchise Mode On Beta

Jun-28-2024 PST

As the virtual football season approaches, fans of the Madden NFL series eagerly anticipate the release of Madden 25. EA Sports has initiated the second weekend of closed beta access, expanding the features available to players. In addition to the already available modes like Play Now, H2H, Practice Mode, Madden Ultimate Team, and Superstar, the beta now includes the much-anticipated franchise mode and training camp.


Accessing the Beta


For those who had access during the first weekend, the newly added features are now available. If you missed out initially, don't worry—EA is likely to distribute more codes to interested players. It's important to note that the franchise mode in the beta is somewhat limited. For example, the Team Builder feature, a significant addition to the franchise mode experience, isn't accessible. Additionally, many of the branching storylines won't make it into the closed beta.


Despite these limitations, the beta provides a sneak peek into the flow of franchise mode in Madden 25, which is an exciting opportunity for fans.


What to Expect in Franchise Mode


Franchise mode is a cornerstone of the Madden series, allowing players to take control of their favorite NFL teams and guide them through seasons of play. Here's what you need to know about playing franchise mode in the Madden 25 beta:


1. Limited Features: As mentioned, some features like Team Builder and branching storylines are not available in the beta. This means that while you can get a feel for the mode, it won't be a complete experience.


2. Progress Reset: Any progress made in franchise mode during the beta will be wiped and reset for the retail version. This is standard practice for betas, as the purpose is to test the game and not to carry over progress.


3. Non-Final Playbooks and Rosters: The playbooks for all teams in the beta are not final. The same likely applies to the rosters, although EA hasn't explicitly confirmed this. During the final days of the first weekend access, rosters were from Madden 24, with almost everyone wearing the same uniform number—a common quirk in betas.


Madden Ultimate Team (MUT) Updates


For fans of Madden Ultimate Team, some modes were only available during the second weekend of the beta. These modes should have been available during the first weekend but were not:


    Forge Challenges

    Epic Challenges

    H2H Seasons

    Field Pass

    Store Items

    Welcome Pack

    Upgradeable Najee Harris


    Practice Mode


More features are expected to be added during the second weekend, although EA hasn't provided a detailed list.


Downloading the Beta


If you need to know how to download the beta on your platform, follow these instructions:


For PlayStation:


1. Use your existing Sony Entertainment Network account on PSN™.

2. Select the PlayStation Store icon on the system home screen.

3. Select Redeem Codes at the bottom of the PlayStation Store menu.

4. Enter the code and get ready to play.


For Xbox:


1. Go to Games under Store.

2. Select Use a Code.

3. Sign in if prompted.

4. Select or enter the 25-character code and get ready to play.


For the EA App:


1. Go to your EA App Library.

2. Select “Redeem Code”.

3. Enter the code provided and get ready to play.


Additional Notes and Looking Forward


As with any beta, there are bound to be quirks and issues. For instance, during the first weekend, players noted that almost everyone on their team was wearing the same uniform number. These kinds of anomalies are to be expected and are part of the testing process.


Fans should also be on the lookout for more information about EA College Football 25 as the July 19 release date approaches, followed closely by the full release of Madden 25 on August 16.


Why Franchise Mode Matters


Franchise mode has long been a fan-favorite in the Madden series. It offers a deep, immersive experience where players can manage every aspect of their team, from signing free agents to drafting rookies and making trades. The addition of new features like Team Builder and enhanced storylines promises to make the experience even richer.


While the beta version of franchise mode in Madden 25 is limited, it still provides a valuable glimpse into what's to come. The opportunity to test out new mechanics and get a feel for the flow of the game is something fans won't want to miss.


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