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Madden NFL 24: New Updates on Franchise Mode, Abilities, Gameplay, and More

Oct-27-2023 PST

Madden NFL 24 has been making waves in the gaming community since its release, with a mix of new features, gameplay adjustments, and the promise of ongoing updates. As gamers continue to explore the world of Madden 24, questions and concerns have been piling up. In this article, we'll address some of the most common queries and provide insights into what the future might hold for this beloved football simulation game.

Play Now Live Updates: The Curious Case of Weekly Updates

One of the most intriguing aspects of Madden 24 is the "Play Now Live" feature. The concept was simple but promising: weekly updates that would keep your franchise mode in sync with the real NFL season, providing an immersive experience. However, for many players, it has been a source of frustration. The lack of regular updates and transparency from EA Sports has left fans wondering about the future of this feature.

EA Sports announced last year that they would no longer update Play Now Live every week, shifting to a sporadic update schedule. The decision left players questioning the feature's value. If updates only occur a few times a year, it diminishes the concept's purpose of keeping the game current. Some have even suggested that if the weekly updates are not feasible, it might be better to remove the feature altogether.

So, the big question remains: when can we expect the next Play Now Live update? It appears that EA plans to roll out updates around key points in the NFL season, such as the halfway point, the Wild Card round, and the Super Bowl. With Week 8 around the corner, fans can anticipate a mid-season update soon. Still, the lack of transparency from EA about the future of this feature leaves fans in the dark, wondering about the game's commitment to keeping up with the NFL season.

Franchise Crossplay: Bridging the Gap

Madden 24 introduced crossplay in various game modes, such as Ultimate Team and Superstar Showdown. But what about franchise mode? Many players have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of crossplay in this fan-favorite mode.

EA Sports has assured fans that crossplay is on its way to franchise mode, but the company appears to be treading cautiously. Given the issues encountered in Madden 23, where franchise mode was plagued by server problems, EA seems to be taking a more measured approach. Crossplay can be a complex addition, as it requires seamless integration across platforms and an unblemished online experience.

The big question here is not whether crossplay is coming to franchise mode but when. EA has remained vague about the release date, and there's a possibility that it might not be implemented in Madden 24, with Madden 25 as a more likely candidate.

Draft Class Issues: A Bumpy Road

In any Madden game, the draft class is a vital aspect of franchise mode. Unfortunately, Madden 24 initially faced draft class issues, causing concern among players. While it's been claimed that these issues have been resolved in recent updates, there are still reports of problems. This uncertainty prompts the question of whether EA has truly fixed the draft class issues or if some players are still experiencing problems.

The uncertainty surrounding draft class issues reflects the challenge of maintaining a smooth gameplay experience in a game as complex as Madden. It underscores the importance of consistent updates and feedback from the community to address such issues and ensure that franchise mode remains engaging and enjoyable for all players.

New Abilities and X-Factors: Are They Coming to Franchise Mode?

New abilities and X-Factors were introduced in Madden 24, but they are notably absent from franchise mode. Many players are eagerly awaiting their inclusion in this mode, as they are already present in Ultimate Team and regular play now. The big question here is when these new abilities and X-Factors will make their way into franchise mode.

While EA Sports has not officially announced the addition of new abilities and X-Factors to franchise mode, it seems almost inevitable that they will arrive in the near future. The fact that these features are included in other game modes but not in franchise mode suggests that an update is imminent. When will it happen? The best guess is that it will coincide with the next title update, which is typically released at the beginning of a new month. Fans can hope for an improved franchise mode experience with these exciting additions.

Gameplay Challenges: Drops, Inaccurate Passes, and Pass Rush

Several gameplay challenges have been reported by the Madden 24 community. Drops on both offense and defense have been a source of frustration. Players have also complained about inaccurate passes, particularly those thrown from clean pockets. Additionally, the standard four-man pass rush appears to be less effective than in previous versions of the game.

The good news is that EA Sports has acknowledged these issues and is actively working on solutions. A forthcoming update, expected within the next week to ten days, is set to address these concerns. It should lead to more consistent gameplay with fewer drops, fewer inaccurate passes from clean pockets, and improved pass rush mechanics. These changes will enhance the overall gameplay experience and provide players with a more balanced and enjoyable game.

Player Likeness and Equipment Issues: Realism Matters

The quest for player likeness in Madden games is ongoing. EA Sports releases updates with new player likenesses, but the frequency and scope of these updates are often a source of discussion among fans. Players also face equipment issues, such as back plates and flag jackets not showing up in-game.

Player likeness updates are expected to arrive with each title update. The early updates for Madden 24 have brought roughly 10 to 15 player likenesses per update, but players hope for more comprehensive updates in the future. Specific players are often absent from the game due to a lack of availability for scanning. This issue is more common with veteran players who may not have prioritized getting scanned for the game. Younger players are generally easier to scan during the NFL Combine.

Equipment issues, like the missing back plates and flag jackets, are also on EA Sports' radar. These issues are set to be resolved in the near future, ensuring that players can fully customize their players' appearances.

Superstar Mode and Superstar Showdown: Awaiting Updates

The Superstar mode and Superstar Showdown have been the subjects of many discussions and questions from players. However, as of now, EA Sports has not provided any official updates or statements about these modes. This leaves players wondering about the future of these modes and any potential improvements or additions.

While the community eagerly anticipates news about these modes, EA Sports has remained tight-lipped. As the game evolves and receives feedback, it is possible that we will see updates and improvements to the Superstar mode and Superstar Showdown in future title updates.

Looking to the Future: NCAA College Football

In closing, players can also look forward to EA's upcoming NCAA College Football game, which is sure to bring a fresh and exciting football experience to the gaming world. For more details about this highly anticipated release, you can check out specific updates and news about NCAA College Football in dedicated content.

In the world of Madden NFL 24, many questions and concerns remain, but the community's passion for the game is undeniable. As EA Sports continues to address issues and make improvements through title updates, the future holds the promise of a more enjoyable and immersive football gaming experience for all fans. Stay tuned for further updates and enhancements, as the game evolves to meet the expectations and aspirations of its dedicated player base.

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