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Madden NFL 24: Three New Simple Ways to Make Coins

Sep-13-2023 PST

Madden NFL 24 has taken the gaming world by storm, and whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting your virtual football journey, everyone can agree on one thing: Madden 24 coins are crucial in building a championship-worthy team. In this article, we'll explore three simple yet effective methods to stack up those coins in Madden 24. So, whether you're low on coins or simply looking to increase your stash, these strategies have got you covered.

Method 1: The Low-Budget Coin Making Method

Are you looking to make coins without breaking the bank? This method is perfect for you. It's all about taking advantage of a specific set, the 81 Overall AKA Player Exchange. To get started, follow these steps:

   • Navigate to Sets: Head to the Sets section of Madden 24.

   • Filter by Program: Narrow down your search by filtering for the specific program, which in this case is "AKA."

   • Target 79 Overall Players: The goal is to find 79 overall players to complete this set efficiently. These players are often priced around 4,000 coins.

   • Filter by Position: To increase your chances of finding deals, consider filtering by positions such as wide receiver, running back, defensive tackle, right end, and left tackle.

   • Snipe 79 Overall Players: Scroll through the filtered results until you spot 79 overall players priced at around 4,000 coins or less.

   • Purchase and Assemble: When you find a good deal, buy the 79 overall player. Once you've collected three of these, you can complete the set.

   • Sell 81 Overall Players: Open the set, and you'll receive an 81 overall player. These 81 overall players usually sell for approximately 15,000 coins each.

   • Profit: If you bought the 79 overall players at 4,000 coins each, that's a total investment of 12,000 coins. Selling three 81 overall players for 15,000 coins each would yield a profit of around 9,000 coins.

Method 2: The 85 Overall Player Exchange

This method builds upon the previous one but aims for even higher returns. Here's how to do it:

   • Repeat Method 1: Start by repeating Method 1 to acquire 81 overall AKA players at a cost of around 12,000 coins each.

   • Assemble 85 Overall Player: Collect a total of eight 81 overall AKA players. Once you have them, complete the 85 Overall Player Exchange set.

   • Select a Valuable Player: Within the 85 Overall Player Exchange set, choose a valuable 85 overall player to claim. These players usually sell for significantly more than what you invested.

   • Profit: If you've spent around 100,000 coins on acquiring the necessary 81 overall players, and the valuable 85 overall player sells for, let's say, 130,000 coins, you could make a profit of 30,000 coins or more.

Method 3: Campus Hero Master Sets

The Campus Hero Master Sets are an excellent way to earn coins in Madden 24. Here's how to take advantage of this method:

   • Snipe 84-85 Overall Players: Head to the auction block and filter players by quality, focusing on 84-85 overall players. Look for players posted for less than 60,000 coins.

   • Gather Five Players: Acquire five 84-85 overall players at a favorable price. This could bring your total investment to around 270,000 coins if you're lucky enough to find players at 54,000 each.

   • Complete the Campus Hero Master Set: Once you have the required players, complete the Campus Hero Master Set. Choose the more valuable 88 overall Campus Hero player, which often sells for a considerable amount.

   • Profit: If your total investment was approximately 270,000 coins and you sell the 88 overall Campus Hero player for 330,000 coins, you could make a profit of 60,000 coins or more.

In Conclusion

In Madden NFL 24, building a formidable team requires a steady influx of coins. These three methods provide simple yet effective ways to accumulate in-game currency, regardless of your budget. By leveraging these strategies, you can not only enhance your gaming experience but also develop a winning team that dominates the virtual gridiron. So, whether you're a seasoned Madden player or just starting out, use these methods to your advantage and watch your coin stack grow. If you don’t have extra time to grind coins, you can choose NBA2king to buy MUT 24 Madden Coins, which are safe, cheap, and have discounts. Good luck, and may your virtual football dreams come true in Madden NFL 24!