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Madden NFL 25: What's New and What's Not in the Latest Edition

Jul-08-2024 PST

Today, we're diving deep into Madden 25. We've been playing the game and found a lot to discuss—things to look forward to, questions, concerns, and much more. If you're new here, hit the subscribe NBA2King so you don't miss any updates as we continue to break down what you can expect in Madden 25.

Creation Center

Let's kick things off with the Creation Center, which is crucial for franchise Madden players. The ability to create and edit players significantly impacts the franchise experience, making it more immersive and realistic. Unfortunately, dealing with EA's franchise mode has been frustrating. Many simple changes that could enhance the experience are often ignored.

Initially, we thought there were new features in the Creation Center, such as the ability to identify and edit player hometowns and birthdays. This seemed like a new addition in Madden 25, but it turns out these features were already present in Madden 24. However, these edits aren't available in the franchise mode, and likely won't be in Madden 25 either. EA, if you're listening, allowing these edits in franchise mode would greatly enhance the immersive experience.

New Equipment

One of the most exciting discoveries in the Creation Center is the new equipment. We've received numerous questions on Twitter about this. Yes, there are new pieces of equipment, and even some older equipment has been redesigned to look more realistic. The Vixus and Axiom helmets, for example, look fantastic. There are also new sleeve options, giving players more ways to customize their characters.

Player Faces and Body Editing

Another exciting addition is the substantial number of new faces available for created players. This aligns with the upcoming NCAA 25 game, which announced thousands of created faces. Madden 25 follows suit, offering numerous new designs that enhance the immersive environment. Many faces now feature headbands and skull caps, though it would be nice to toggle these accessories on or off.

The body editing UI has also been simplified. Last year's numerous sliders for different body parts often didn't work properly. This year, it's streamlined to just height, weight, and a few other options. This simplification could be beneficial, though it remains to be seen if these changes will carry over to the franchise mode.

UI Enhancements

The overall Creation Center UI in Madden 25 appears to be more user-friendly. Last year, selecting equipment and editing faces required navigating through multiple menus. This year, everything seems to be in one place, making the process much smoother.

Abilities Page

A notable, albeit controversial, feature is the Abilities Page. This page allows you to edit player abilities, such as whether a quarterback has a high motor or senses pressure well. While this feature adds depth, it often feels gimmicky and can glitch, making players behave unrealistically. For example, pocket passers might ignore open running lanes, standing in the pocket until they're sacked.

Gameplay and Community Expectations

As we wrap up, let's talk about gameplay. Madden NFL 25 has shown some improvements in addressing past issues, but there are still concerns. The community wants a great gaming experience without spending months tweaking settings. Many of EA's ideas are good in theory but fail in execution. If EA can continue to eliminate these issues, Madden 25 could be a product the community truly appreciates.


We're excited to see how Madden 25 is received by the community. While there are always concerns, we've had fun with the game so far. Thanks for your patience with this video. We hope this re-upload meets your expectations and provides you with valuable insights into Madden 25. Stay tuned for more updates and commentary as we continue exploring everything this game has to offer.

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