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NBA 2K has released draft picks and lottery details

Mar-10-2018 PST

This event will mark the first player talent distribution event in league history. About 72,000 promising players took part in the online match, qualifying for 102, and on April 4, the players will be selected for the league's first season of 17 teams.

NBA 2K league President Brendan Donohue said: "the NBA draft will be incredible because we see the dream as a reality for our players. "We can't wait to get to the introduction of the NBA for the first time in NBA professionals around the world, and most importantly, we are eager to our players will be able to meet with the team and his teammates for the first time. This will be a milestone in our alliance. "

The draft order will be determined by a non-weighted draw. This means that every team has an equal opportunity to win first place. The lottery will be held on March 13th at 1:00 PM. ET. There will be six rounds, with each team choosing six players.

The draft will stick to the order of snakes, which means that the first team to win the 17th place in the first round will win the first place in second place. This will continue in all six rounds.

As the fans saw in the NBA draft lottery, there is no doubt that the 2K league lottery will be played by randomly selected ping-pong balls from the official ball machine used for the NBA version. Each team will have a ping-pong ball and its logo features. The order will be displayed in the 2K league's Twitter account, starting at NO.17 and ending at the bottom.