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"Nba 2K18" can be overwhelming. Here are some good cheap players to target

Sep-25-2017 PST
One of the most popular media in the NBA 2K18 is the 'MyTeam', where players build a list of uninvited ones and take it on any team in the NBA cards, historically large lists, and other users online. It's really fun!

But can also be overwhelming, for beginners or even qualified veterinarians in the privilege. There are many cards to choose from, and the biggest stars in the NBA, such as Anthony Davis and LeBron James, are usually too expensive. Unless you plan to lose $ 100 dollars to drop the additional decoder (virtual currency), you're going to start with limited resources, which means you need to play some games with players NBA roll cards cheaper win before you can start building the power tire you.

If you are wondering which budget cards you should look for, we have some suggestions that can help you to get early wins without breaking the bank.

Point guard

Silver: There are many options point guard in the silver class, and who has to focus depends strongly on what you need from your point guard for your style of play. Do you need a guard to stretch the floor with his shot? Do you need a defensive protector dedicated to clamps? Do you need speed?

At silver level, in all positions in principle, you will not find affordable players who can do all these things well, but there are a few specialists. Darren Collison has 84 rounds open three ratings, making it a good choice to expand the floor. Diaron Fox has an excellent athlete rating (93 speed, 93 acceleration), making it a great choice for zip right, although he will struggle to shoot. For an extended option, Reggie Jackson and D'Angelo Russell will not break the bank.

Gold: Dennis Skrodr is one of the cheapest NBA 2K18 MT Coins players in the auction house at the moment, and has a big sports rankings, but the cold area of ??defense and his ability to play pain blah. For the money, George Hill is a very good option, and launching a good shot (82 open three), defense (82 ball) and play, to get a card you can probably get less than 1,200 tons.


Silver: There are no brilliant choices, cards like the Redek G or Dion Waters, which are strong three-point shooters, should not be too cheap. Depending on who you have your point guard, the combo guard (like Malcolm Progdon or Victor Oladibo) may be useful. Make sure that at least one of the guards has a certain size.

Gold: Devin Bocker is a popular choice, but he often goes for 2,000MT or more and fires well without being linked to Eric Bledso, his dynamic duo card. An affordable and much better option is Gary Harris, who has the best three-point shootout, and the much better defender. If you do not need two of your guard's shot, Dwyane Wade is very cheap and can even play a pinch.

Little ahead

Silver: The shots here are a bit slim, so you need to precisely determine what you need from this card, rather than go for everyone. Terence Ross is the best shooter out of the group, with no cool areas of three, but he is a poor defender and sad. Andrei Igudala defends a very high level, but he will not be able to drive to the basket (usually not very cheap). Glenn Robinson III is reasonably priced, a good shooter, fast enough to drive to a basket and can take a look.

Gold: Carmelo Anthony is probably the best comprehensive map of this group, but it's about 2,000MT, if not more, so if you do not get it, it's not a big budget option. Jay Crowder, on the other hand, goes about 500-600MT less than Anthony, is the best defender and can open the open triples in the transition. Otto Porter is the best shooter of the entire group and earns it from Auction House.

Power Forwards

Silver: There are two options expanded at this level, Dario Saric and Gareed Dudley. Sarik comes with splash and space packages, and Daddle often goes to less than 1000 tons. Both players can make the floor decent and open the trio, although none of the outstanding grids. If this is the top priority, Alan Williams will eat plates.

Gold: Christapas Borzenges and Dirk Nowitzki are seldom cheap, but Serge Ibaka and Zach Randolph are both reasonably priced and very solid cards. If you need a slot machine, Z-Bo is your card. If you need a map that can have a better floor space, take Ibaka, even if you need to pay a little extra.


Silver: At this level there are not many great scoring options in the center, but if you stop the pickup and flush well, you can even get offensive production of the most limited players. The best silver center is clearly thon maker, one of the best Dang cards, period, but you're lucky to get it for 2000MT. Cheaper options can include Mason Blumley, Tyson Chandler or Ian Mahinmi. All three cans can come back, protect the rim and move well enough to finish the bottom.

Gold: There are plenty of great options here, depending on your playing style. Miles Turner is one of the cheapest gold cards, a well-rounded attacking player, with even the ability to hit three times. Dwight Howard can never shoot five feet, but is an elite rebound card (and has a great dynamic duo with Kemba Walker). The Tristan Thompson can move better than most gold centers, defend the paint and finish the inside.

Making strategic investments in the right gold and silver players is a winning strategy when you started Just Metem. You can easily win in a few dominant games with only the crew of this list, so you can save the MT to make it more expensive in some emerald cards, or to complete the set to earn a ruby bonus.