NBA 2K18 is lebron James' best player in the NBA playoffs in 2018

Apr-14-2018 PST

Cleveland, Ohio - NBA 2K18 updates the NBA playoffs this year.

What happened this season has not changed the thinking of 2K Sports. Lebron James is still the best.

The NBA's 2K18 released the update on Friday, giving James 97 points in the postseason. The cavaliers will face the indiana pacers on ABC Sunday.

James harden and Kevin durant, who scored 96 points. The Milwaukee bucks jani loch Anton thom's not too far behind 94. The thunder's Russell, brooke may not like his 93 points, especially in average after three pairs for a second consecutive season.

It is worth mentioning that the NBA's 2K18 also predicted that the cavaliers will have a 100% change in the first round of the pacers.

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