NBA 2K18 is worth playing for

Oct-28-2017 PST

The quality of the NBA 2K series is considered to be the best exercise in the history of the video games, and new works are available every year. Let's take a look at the changes in NBA 2K18.

1—the graphics

If, since the emergence of the next generation of game consoles, the NBA 2 k graphics in every year, only small changes, realism lovers will be spoiled by the NBA 2 k18, it seems to have solved the game most of the small graphics problem is very beautiful. The players' eyes have a less mechanical movement, their tattoos are better imitations, and their teeth look less brilliant... Many faces have been re-scanned this summer, but that's not what marks us the most. Indeed, our idol's constitution is now more realistic. Although Kevin Durant (Kevin Durant) or Nicolas Batum (Nicolas Batum) players such as degree of thin and length are too exaggerated, and gives a wireframe effect, but each player's physique is redesigned, and presents a more realistic effect. But that's not all. In addition to the seemingly increasing number of actors in the public, the appearance of the new Nike sweatshirt allows for every detail of the uniform. Even though some animations can still be improved, it seems completely imitated. One almost thought that, given the rendering, the limits of the console would not be reached.

2-the gameplay

Again, some things have improved. Now you can make a free throw offensive rebound (let's face it, it's not possible in 2K17). Movements, such as hutong, staggered support or reversal, are not easy to achieve in rhythm and cause and effect, and the effect is poor. It must be said that in filming, the rhythm of letting go is now more important. For a long time, press the shooting button after attacking the rebound, and you'll swing a pretty scary brick! Important details in this regard, the location of the launch meter.

3-the game modes

If, like a few years now, every time start the console, will provide the MyCareer, MyLeague or MyTeam choice, between the main novelty appeared in the "run neighborhood", this is considered a new way of your career as a player. If in the previous game, you had to play in MyPark or Pro-AM based on whether you wanted to play in the NBA game, and no menu was needed because your players would be moving around. In GTA, you can walk, meet other players online, they are doing the same thing, choose to go to the NBA's room, playground, gym, and your apartment, your agency office, tattoo artist even Foot Locker. You can also find a 2K area where you can take a test or try to break the record in pop-up video. MyCareer has become more immersive.

For other game modes, there are fewer changes. Although MyLeague subpattern, some changes have taken place in MyGM (a story is now in your career to lead around), but the game background did not change, like most other molecular model in this section. MyTeam has deepened in its own right. These changes are not revolutionary, but they may be important.

4-the side

VC (virtual currency game) and MT (the same thing in MyTeam mode) seem to be around them, increasingly difficult to win. If you still have the chance to win the application and answer the test correctly (novelty), you'll get a bonus, and you'll soon be able to buy it to speed it up. If micro purchases are possible, they (obviously) are not the best, and it is very expensive to buy his VC quickly and quickly. However, we won't throw rocks at 2K sports, at least unlike some people, it will offer all content to those who disturb, rather than tax the DLC. If you want a virtual NBA 2K18 MT Coins to unlock content without spending a little time, the NBA 2K has no secret: it's possible, but you have to!

In terms of navigation and menu, we'll be brief: it's the same thing, except for some changes in design. The soundtrack is as good as ever, and it's combined with the atmosphere of the game. We went from Kendrick Lamar and the future to a microphone and a Lagrange! This is now, cool, cool!

If you're a fan of the NBA, NBA 2K18 is worth it!