'NBA 2K18' Release Date Rumors: The game can start on September 19?

"NBA 2K18" will expect the next batch of Basketball Championship "NBA 2K" long, and fans to get their hands on later this year.

Not surprisingly, although the exact date when it will be released this new game is not yet known, but there is evidence available that a hint when this title will could be in stores.

For example, the developers have already confirmed that the version of the game for a month.

Feature on the official Nintendo website, found that the "NBA 2K18" will be released on the switch in September.

This will likely window will also bring out apply to other versions of the game, but still, it's not just history.

Given the history of this franchise game does reveal some interesting patterns, however, and they may be important in the basketball fans are able to try will be the next track.

For example, the starting dates of games, "NBA 2K" was previously in recent years.

"NBA 2k15" was released on October 7, while the follow-up, "NBA 2K16", was officially released on 29 September.

As for the premium last year, "NBA 2K17," the game came out more than a week before his predecessor, because in stores on September 20.

It is also worth mentioning that the above dates are every Tuesday.

Check the calendar for this year, it seems that September 19 is the exact date of the arrival of the new game might have if developers want again to move the release date to also ensure that it falls on Tuesday.

At this point, as already announced for release window for "NBA 2K18" and NBA Live Mobile Coins, additional information about what the new features that can offer not only detected, although these pieces of information should be available early enough.


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